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Religious Products, Goods & Supplies - September 2009 Featured Article
Religious Products, Goods & Supplies - September 2009 Featured Article


"Ten Tips for Soliciting Major Gifts for Your Congregation"

By Norman Olshansky

If your congregation needs significant financial support, beyond weekly offerings and operating revenues, for a capital campaign or other special project, it is time to develop and implement a major gifts campaign.

This article shares tips that can be utilized to train and support leadership, staff, and clergy to become better solicitors of major gifts.

"Presentation Software: Going Beyond PowerPoint"

By Eugene Mason

In the worship center of nearly every contemporary church in North America, you'll find a video screen and a projector connected to a resource that has become a vital part of thousands of worship services—PowerPoint. Song words and sermon outlines are the most common uses of video in worship. PowerPoint has transformed the way we worship collectively.

"Church Flooring Basics"

By Fredrick Taggart

Technological advances in the chemical world have dramatically changed the flooring options that are available, and trying to discern what is best for your church is never easy. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best product for your application.

"The Key to a Great Church Web Site"

By Tim Warren

What does it take to have a great Web site? What comes first to your mind? A knock-out design? A professional marketing campaign? Cutting-edge interactive gadgets? First page search engine rankings? Every one of these can be part of a good site, but none will get you a great site. 


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