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December 2007 Hot Products & Services

It's that time of year again!

Last year, we brought you the products that caught our eye in 2006, and we're back to offer you this year's picks.

Throughout the year, every product we cover in the magazine is there because we think it's something that you will find useful, so we're excited about each and every one in all of our issues. Our sole mission is to help you make purchasing decisions, so we're all about products, all the time.

We receive numerous new product releases every single day. This is great news for you, as a church leader, because it means that your options for great products and services for your church are expanding daily. On our end, though, it makes it really hard to narrow down the list for our Hot Products each year.

The receptiveness of churches to new technology is manifesting into a multitude of new products. It's an exciting time to be in the church market, as innovations abound to help you operate your facility more effectively and efficiently.

Here are some of the products that stood out to us this year.

Group's Buzz Central
Buzz Central is a fresh approach to church management software, featuring one seamless solution that integrates your:
* Membership database
* Church Web site
* Contributions tracking
* Event calendar
* Desktop publishing
Buzz Central also provides a Web-based interface for ministry leaders to schedule meetings, manage small groups, and communicate with members using the same contact data as the church office.

Tree Classics
For more than 30 years in business and 12 years on the Web, Tree Classics has been a growing business with a reputation of high standards and customer satisfaction. They have more than 70 styles of:
* Pre-lit trees
* Wreaths
* Garland
Their forest of sizes ranges from 4.5 feet to 40 feet to bring a warmth and radiance to your church. New this year, they will carry a beautiful Holy Family set for indoor/outdoor use, as well as other holiday items. They have a five-year light warranty and a 10-year tree warranty.

LG RexCourt Floors from Gerbert
LG RexCourt offers superior:
* Shock absorption
* Elasticity
* Stability
Plus, LG RexCourt features noise level reduction and great style, in 10 vibrant colors and eight wood tone designs. LG RexCourt is engineered for outstanding durability with a special polyurethane coating that makes maintenance easy and economical for long-lasting good looks. And, their exclusive antibacterial surface coating provides a healthier playing environment for everyone.

PowerChurch Plus
PowerChurch Plus is an all-in-one software solution that helps you streamline administrative tasks and manage your:
* Membership
* Contributions
* Accounting
* Event scheduling
PowerChurch Plus records comprehensive membership information, including photographs, for up to 100,000 families. The new Event scheduling module allows you to keep track of upcoming events, reserve rooms and equipment, and generate event calendars.

Wheelchair-Accessible Tables from Pilot Rock
People of all abilities can be part of outdoor recreational activities with wheelchair-accessible picnic tables from Pilot Rock. Rectangular tables can offer access at one end, both ends, or at the center. Their unique, patented Universal Access Table includes access at both ends, plus full-length seating for everyone. Square and round table styles are also available with wheelchair access. Both portable and stationary table designs are included. Accessible tables are available in a wide variety of colors with tops and seats of:
* Lumber
* Aluminum
* Recycled plastic
* Vinyl-coated steel

Eartec's Simultalk 24G Assistive Listening System
The Simultalk 24G Assistive Listening System is a new full duplex wireless designed for any environment where the audience may require hearing assistance. This affordable system allows an unlimited number of audience members to monitor the speaker with crystal-clear reception. The system features easy-to-use: * Low-profile headsets
* Small, palm-sized transceivers
The Simultalk system is a breakthrough because it operates without base stations or FCC license. A full line of heavy-duty and lightweight headsets are available from Eartec.

Hitachi CP-X400 Projector
At 3,000 ANSI lumens and 7.7 pounds, the Hitachi CP-X400 3LCD projector offers enough power for any application, but is lightweight enough for easy mounting and room-to-room portability. With a 7-watt audio output, the CP-X400 3LCD projector provides a complete audio/video presentation solution. The CP-X400 boasts:
* A manual 1:1.2 zoom
* Full connectivity, including standard video connections and RS-232 control
* Digital keystone correction
* User-friendly interface
The CP-X400 can be set up and operated by anyone from church volunteers to audio/video professionals.

GT Jams from GameTime
GT Jams are the newest way to add value to your playground. For the first time, children can create music on the playground with durable tonal and rhythmic instruments that inspire creativity. GT Jams:
* Encourage fellowship and cooperative play between children
* Are well suited for all ages and abilities
Add them to a traditional play system, or create a ground-level grouping of instruments. Choose at least four GT Jams instruments, and you will also receive a copy of the GT Jams Playbook.

New Leasing Program from Carpenter Bus Sales
Since a growing number of customers are asking about leasing options, Carpenter Bus Sales has developed two Special Leasing Options:
* A new, 15-passenger bus at $599 a month (60 mo. lease; $3699 due at signing)
* A new, 26-passenger bus at $799 a month (60 mo. lease; $3899 due at signing)
According to Henry Headden, president of Carpenter Bus, "Our most popular buses are the 15-passenger and the 26-passenger buses, and more and more churches are wanting to lease. This new program allows a greater number of churches to begin their transportation ministry without having to raise all their money up front,and makes the monthly amount more affordable than purchasing a new bus."

Speco Technologies' PAW-80A
Speco Technologies' PAW-80A high-powered, VHF microphone system, portable amplifier offers:
* Performance
* Convenience
* Value
Featuring 80 watts of power, the PAW-80A lets the communicator connect with audiences up to 2,000+ people while coming complete with two 1/4" microphone connectors and 1/4" auxiliary in and out connections. With compact, state-of-the-art "Class D" amplifier technology, this lightweight amplifier is easy to transport and comes with a six-function CD player for pre- and post-presentation entertainment.

Primera's Bravo SE Disc Publisher
The Bravo SE Disc Publisher is an affordable, automated CD/DVD duplication and printing system for both Mac and PC users. Bravo SE copies and prints up to 20 discs per job hands-free and comes equipped with one DVD±R/CD-R combination drive that records DVDs at 16x and CDs at 40x. Many churches are using products like Bravo SE to archive and distribute:
* Sermons
* Holiday pageants
* Syndicated radio and television services
* Religious study groups
* Marital ceremonies

COVERMASTER'S Ultima Series gym floor covers offer versatility and durability. Utilizing the knife/spread coating method, Ultima Series covers are unique. They are resilient and will maintain their appearance longer, since the coating cannot separate from the core. The covers also:
* Meet ADA friction co-efficiency
* Have a pleasing decorative look
* Can be color matched

Commercialite from McCourt
At roughly half the cost of traditional plastic folding tables, the Commercialite Folding Table is one of the strongest, lightest, most affordable indoor/outdoor folding tables on the market. Blow Mold technology allows McCourt to produce polyethylene plastic tops to resist:
* Heat
* Stains
* Chemicals
* Physical damage
Their U.S. Steel frame with wishbone folding leg system bolts through the table top, not just into it, allowing the Commercialite to support more than 3,500 pounds.

Ambia Collection from Manning Lighting
Manning Lighting has introduced "the ambia collection." The ambia collection is six distinct new lighting product families featuring diffusers with embedded textiles, papers, organic elements and more. Manning Lighting has partnered with 3Form and Lumicor, leading edge manufacturers of high performance resins, to create these new products. Their style, variety, and durability make ambia collection products ideal choices for ecclesiastical projects. The collection offers a variety of:
* Pendants
* Sconces
* Ceiling-mount products

Panasonic Projectors
Panasonic Projector Systems Company has announced the debut of two three-chip, DLP projectors for large venues: the PT-D10000U (1400 x 1050 pixel) and PT- DW10000U (1920 x 1080 pixel) models. The new full HD projectors provide:
* Bright, professional-quality images
* Automatic filter cleaning systems
* Improved reliability features
Both DLP projectors deliver 10,000 lumens of brightness through Panasonic's four-lamp system.

Video Mount Products
Video Mount Products is a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential mounting systems for video, audio, and security since 1994. They offer mounts for LCD and Plasma TVs and Monitors, CRT Televisions, Projectors, and CCTV monitors in both ceiling and wall versions. They also manufacture 19" Equipment Racks and Speaker Stands. Products include:
* PM-3 (universal projector mount, non-yoke style)
* PDM-F (universal flat-panel monitor flush wall mount)
* PDM-FT (universal flat-panel monitor flush mount with tilt)
* PDM-C (universal flat-panel monitor ceiling mount)

Synthetic Turf International
STI supplies houses of worship with maintenance-free, synthetic, multi-purpose green space and play areas that require little or no maintenance. Because these surfaces look great year-round and never need water, fertilizers or mowing, you save. Every Synthetic Turf International installation is ADA-compliant, with fall zones exceeding all applicable national standards and is consistent with CPSC requirements as well. The surfaces are available in traditional indigenous grasses, including:
* Rye
* Fescue
* Zoysia
* Tipede
* Kentucky Blue
* St. Augustine

Ford Audio-Video
After 35 years in business, Ford Audio-Video (FAV) has grown to the top of the professional audio/video/lighting integration industry. FAV has seven divisions:
* Oklahoma City
* Tulsa
* Dallas
* Austin
* Houston
* Denver
* Las Vegas
FAV takes responsibility for a complete installation, including software and control system programming, service, warranty and training. FAV hosts training seminars each year that provide customers with continuing education on systems operations and technological advances.

Versatile Room Dividers from Screenflex
Pastors, do you ever need versatile, flexible Sunday School dividers that set up in an instant and can be taken down just as quickly? With Screenflex Portable Room Dividers, you can:
* Create the additional rooms you need
* Use the spaces you already have
Contact the company for complete information, including a list of churches in your area that are already using "Screenflex, the World's Most Versatile Room Dividers.

PhoneTree is an innovative leader in voice and e-messaging systems for churches nationwide, offering USB and Internet-based systems to help your church "Engage" its membership. Built in and for the church, PhoneTree messaging systems allow you to record messages in your familiar voice and automatically send it by telephone, e-mail, and text message anywhere, anytime. Churches nationwide use PhoneTree systems for:
* Meeting reminders
* Prayer Chains
* Volunteer Recruiting
* Small Group Communication
* Youth Groups

All Pro Sound
Available from All Pro Sound, the new SamePage Systems by Corevalus make life easier for church music leaders. Imagine putting a playlist together for all of your musicians in less than 30 seconds. Using these digital systems, you can instantaneously:
* Transpose any song to any key
* Add any song from your database during the worship set
The SP1710 SamePage Advanced System includes one 17" touch screen and four 17" display monitors. The larger SP1725 Elite System includes one 19" touch screen and five 19" display monitors. Both systems are expandable and include special software with a keyboard annotation kit that mounts directly below the SamePage screen to give the music leader access to all functions of the SamePage software.

Olan Mills' TurnKey
The new TurnKey program from Olan Mills is an easy and quick way to develop a church pictorial directory. With this free directory program, no church members are needed to produce your directory. Your members can sign up for photography appointments online. Rescheduling appointments are also easy. Plus, Olan Mills will:
* Contact the remaining members to schedule their appointments
* Make reminder calls as needed
* Take care of designing the directory with Total Design
And, every family photographed still receives a free Pictorial Directory and an 8 x 10 Full-Color Signature Portrait.

Prestige Glass
In response to requests for a more versatile pulpit, Prestige Glass has proudly introduced two new pulpit designs, each of which features a removable front panel. Whether your church is changing its name, updating its logo, or simply wishes to highlight a special service or season, it will now be as easy as ordering a new panel.
* The Neos is designed with the smaller church in mind
* The Colonial appeals to the more traditionally minded congregation
Both feature oak top, sides and book rest, oak base with recessed castors, choice of stain and glass color, and custom etching on a 3/8" architectural glass panel.

Mitsubishi's WD2000U
Mitsubishi's wide-format professional projector, WD2000U, is perfect for large venues such as churches and auditoriums. This highly affordable, high-brightness, high-definition projector matches widescreen formats used in today's latest computer and video applications, and is designed for church sanctuaries, boardrooms, classrooms, and those users upgrading to high-resolution displays. The WD2000U:
* Is a native WXGA (1280 x 768) resolution
* Uses the DLP TrueVision DDP3020 image processing chip set
* Blasts 3000 ANSI lumens
* Offers powered vertical and horizontal lens shift capabilities and an array of optional lenses.

F&S Partners
F&S Partners-a leading architecture, planning and interior design firm in Texas -designs places where people:
* Learn
* Pray
* Play
The firm has designed more than 13 million square feet of new and renovated religious facilities totaling more than $200 million in construction. The firm designs worship centers, education, and family life centers in a variety of traditional and modern styles that are both pragmatic and inspirational. Their master planning process provides a detailed road map for growth and involves members of the congregation at each step.

Carstone Express
In response to an ever-increasing need for the expedited construction and shipment of their award-winning sanctuary chairs, Carstone Seating has announced their latest customer-focused program: Carstone Express, a revolutionary new quick-ship program that allows churches to obtain top-quality, American-made chairs within 10 business days.
* Churches may choose from four popular models in one of 32 possible model/upholstery/frame combinations.
* Additionally, all chairs will be sold at a drastically reduced price, further assisting churches in their quest to obtain heavy-duty sanctuary seating quickly and frugally.

Microboards PF-Pro Disc Printer and MX Series of Publishers offer fast print speed with low cost per disc. MX Publishers integrate one or two high-speed DVD/CD recorders and the fastest, lowest cost-per-disc inkjet disc printer into a robust publishing solution. Or, the same 4800 dpi print quality and incredible speed is available in the PF-Pro autoprinter-only version. All three feature:
*100-disc input and output capacity
* Microboards' enhanced automation for reliable loading and unloading of discs
* Easy-to-use label design software

UltraSpin SlimLine One-To-Seven CD/DVD Duplicator from Long's Electronics
Long's Electronics exclusively offers the new ultra-lightweight, ultra-portable UltraSpin SlimLine One to Seven CD/DVD Duplicator featuring a 150 Gig Hard Drive.
* The SlimLine brings something new to the market of high-speed media duplication, offering the convenience and functionality of a lightweight, portable unit.
* Weighing only 14.5 pounds, the latest design can be transported easily and moved from room to room, all with the convenience of a smaller design.
* This also makes the SlimLine more practical for even the permanent setup, allowing more room for the other essential equipment in your media ministry package.
The SlimLine supports all major disc types and records at 24x CD/8x DVD speeds.

Isolating Drum Booth from Perdue Acoustics
Perdue Acoustics' new Isolating Drum Booth LSS-DBK is an excellent way to isolate drum kits in order to keep stage volumes at a manageable level. The Iso Drum Booth also helps to achieve better house sound by not allowing bleed-over on the drum mics, and by dramatically decreasing stage volume that would normally compete with the house mix. The Drum Booth consists of:
* 8 - 2'x2'x4" thick acoustical panels fully wrapped as a base
* 8 - 2'x4' cast acrylic clear panels connected together with a non-slip hinge at each side
* A 2" thick fully fabric covered panel lid and back wall

NewTek TriCaster
TriCaster puts the ability to present network-style television in the hands of all worship facilities. NewTek TriCaster brings innovations in cost reduction from what would traditionally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The TriCaster family of products provides the capabilities of a TV live truck in a footprint small enough to fit in a backpack, including:
* Virtual sets with multiple camera angles and camera focal lengths
* Double box effects
* Live switch between six camera inputs
TriCaster delivers a user interface that allows one person to operate the system.

Whirlwind Building Systems
Whirlwind Building Systems designs and manufactures pre-engineered metal buildings used today by a variety of religious organizations, due to their dynamic design options, as well as their ability to save building and energy costs. Whirlwind has more than 50 years of experience and expertise in sales, engineering, manufacturing and customer service. A variety of frame types allow the buyer to best select both flexibility and economy:
* Welded Rigid Frames (tapered columns and rafters for clear spans and column-free interiors)
* Welded Tapered Beam Frames (straight columns with a tapered rafter for maximum use of interior space)
* Column and Beam Frames (ideally suited for larger buildings, these frames have interior columns)

E-zekiel from Axletree
The E-zekiel content management platform enables you to create your own Web site and take advantage of powerful online communications without being a programmer and with tools similar to word-processing software. You can choose from hundreds of ready-to-go professional designs and use as is, adapt an E-zekiel design with your own personalized touches, or create your own design. Next, put E-zekiel's tools to work to:
* Publish web pages, blogs and podcasts
* Communicate with targeted groups
* Create an online event calendar
* Open an online store

Lifetouch's free Online Church Directory provides security and convenience. Lifetouch Church irectories and Portraits has unveiled its new online church directory, which is:
* Secure
* Easy to update
* Free!
Unlike companies that issue a single user I.D. for the entire congregation, Lifetouch provides each family a unique user name and password. Each family can select what information they would like to include about their family in the directory to share with congregation members.

FSR's Eagle 200
FSR is now shipping the Eagle 200 /HD Seamless Switcher. Standard features include:
* Two powerful high-performance scalers
* Eight analog video inputs
* Two DVI inputs
* Two SD/HD SDI on the Eagle 200 HD model
PIP and Keying are among a variety of special effects. The Eagle delivers extreme performance at an affordable price. The Eagle 200 /HD Seamless Switchers represent a new horizon in seamless switching technology capabilities to answer the needs of today's users.

Progressive Design Playgrounds
Progressive Design Playgrounds designs and manufactures state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly commercial children's playground equipment and recreation site furnishings. Progressive Design Playgrounds:
* Has a strong commitment to providing fun and safe play environments for children as well as to the preservation of the earth's natural resources
* Uses 100% recycled plastic to create bright and colorful play structures and other site amenities that are safer and more durable than conventional wood and metal equipment

ACTION MAPLE SmartCourt by Flex Court
ACTION MAPLE SmartCourt is the latest technology of Modular Athletic and Recreational Flooring Solutions by Flex Court Athletics. ACTION MAPLE SmartCourt reduces stress and strain in joints from shock absorption in the 22% resilience achieved with a 3mm underpad.
* ACTION MAPLE has very low installation costs and no maintenance.
* In the event damage does occur, only the damaged tiles need to be replaced.
* Tiles can be changed in a matter of seconds, at the cost of a single tile only.

El Dorado's Aerotech
With nearly 30 years' experience, ElDorado National can build the ideal vehicle to suit your needs. They manufacture commercial buses and vans ranging from 17' to 40' in length, and each delivers unmatched
* Safety
* Comfort
* Dependability
As pictured, the Aerotech is tested for 7 years/200,000 miles. Aerotech's steel-reinforced composite body is highly resistant to impact, rust and corrosion, and fiberglass body panels provide passengers with a quieter interior.

Broadcast Technical Services
Broadcast Technical Services, Inc. has built a solid reputation in the broadcast and pro-video community for:
* Design
* Installation
* Maintenance
With proven success stories at ministries like Joyce Meyer Ministries , Lakewood Church and Houston 's Second Baptist Church , they are very capable of providing you with the products and services you need to create a quality broadcast environment. Their engineering, technical and creative professionals will customize a solution to fit your exact needs. The company now sells the full line of Apple Pro-Video equipment and services.

SamePage Music System from Corevalus
Corevalus Systems LLC, is the designer and manufacturer of SamePage Music System, an integrated music display and management system. The SamePage Music System allows worship leaders to access their music database to select new music from a variety of sources:
* Internet music sites
* Text documents
* Music notation/arrangement products
* Scanned documents
It allows worship leaders to download MP3 files for quick reference while the team is learning a new song. The entire music library is consolidated into one encrypted "smart" database. Music prep time is reduced on average from 8-18 hours to 35-45 minutes weekly, resulting in dramatic time savings.

Conrad Schmitt Studios
The family-owned Conrad Schmitt Studios has created stained glass windows to beautify diverse worship spaces throughout the country. The CSS team of experienced artisans is nationally recognized for outstanding craftsmanship in the creation, conservation and restoration of stained glass. Since 1889, CSS has provided decoration, restoration and artwork for the aesthetic enrichment of communal buildings nationwide. The Studio provides a full scope of architectural arts, including:
* Stained glass
* Etched glass
* Decorative painting
* Murals
* Mosaics

Audix Micros Series
The Audix Micros Series, the world's smallest condenser microphones with integrated preamp and detachable cable, continue to evolve and break new ground. They are the perfect miking solution for choir, theatre, symphony, ambient room, and a wide array of musical instruments. The newest members of the Micros Series are the:
* M1250 (2" in length with a frequency response of 80Hz - 20kHz)
* M1280 (3.5" in length with a frequency response of 40Hz- 20kHz)
While the Micros can be used as overhead hanging microphones with the supplied hanging clip accessory, the MicroBoom is the perfect solution for portable overhead miking.

Tiny Tot Stacker from Church Chair
Finally, there is a comfortable chair for kids (at a comfortable price for adults). Church Chair has introduced the first "kid size" chair with "grown up" comfort. The Tiny Tot Stacker:
* Is ideal for daycare/school/worship
* Comes in your choice of fabric and frame color
* Are 99% recyclable
* Features on-time delivery and warranty
Ask about Church Chair's free Sample Chair Program.

Jubilee from ChurchPlaza
ChurchPlaza has announced the introduction of its newest church sanctuary chair: the JUBILEE. The JUBILEE is an economically priced chair that is loaded with features. The Jubilee offers exceptional comfort with 3 1/2" of dual layer upgraded virgin foam in the seat, and a full comfort ergonomically designed back with built-in lumbar support. The fabric recommended resists stains and wear and is:
* High quality
* Long lasting
* Durable
The long-lasting, durable, appearance is accomplished with an exclusive chip-resistant five-step electrostatic epoxy powder coated frame finish.

Pre-Printed CDs and DVDs from WTS Media
Check out the latest in CD and DVD publishing: Pre-printed Media. WTS Media now offers full-color, offset-printed CD-Rs and DVD-Rs delivered to your church for less than it costs to do it yourself. This innovation in disc publishing eliminates the need for:
* Printers
* Cartridges
* Print media
Plus, it increases the professional appearance of your media ministry. Get the same print-quality as the bigger churches with short runs starting at just 100 pieces. Design your own discs using their online disc designer.

Leisure Craft
Leisure Craft has developed a unique process in the manufacture and design of personalized benches. The model RFP6 is a 6 foot roll formed bench that is also available in 4, 5 and 8 foot lengths.
* These benches can incorporate logos and special wording, including memorials.
* There are no setup costs or minimums.
* A free color proof is provided prior to purchase.
These graffiti-proof benches are complete with heavy-duty cast iron legs. Finishes are available in 15 different colors, including two new textural coatings, Granite and Sandstone . Each bench is finished with a thermoplastic coating to assure long-lasting wear.

Security Church Finance
For more than 45 years, Security Church Finance (SCF) has provided financing to churches all across America , helping them reach others for Christ. Success and flexibility are the hallmarks of SCF:
* Success, as evidenced by more than 3,000 churches securing more than a billion dollars to meet their capital needs.
* Flexibility, shown in the way they customize a program to exactly fit the needs of each church.
SCF continues to help churches of every size. As banks tighten their lending requirements, and floating interest rates rise, smart pastors and churches are realizing the benefits of a fixed-rate mortgage with flexible payments.

Congregation Studio from Heavenly Electronics
Congregation Studio is an advanced software application to allow churches to create membership directories without the expense of hiring a professional photographer. Any church, regardless of its size or denomination, can create and modify a membership directory at any time. Pictures, audio, and video can be assigned to the:
* Church departments/ministries
* Members
* Families
* Church leaders
* Outreach ministries
Once a directory is complete, it can be compiled and distributed as an interactive multimedia CD-ROM/DVD or printed as a book.

Logos Ministry Connection
Logos Ministry Connection from Logos Management Software takes advantage of the ease and convenience of the Internet, along with the power and security of the desktop, and merges these two environments to bring the best of both worlds to churches and the people they serve. With Logos Ministry Connection, you can:
* Post events and accept online registrations
* Post news and announcements
* Create e-mail and mail-merge groups
* Generate online Web forms to collect data
* Accept online contributions and pledge commitments

SonaKrete from International Cellulose Corporation
International Cellulose Corporation's cellulose-based products are typically sprayed to a specified thickness on ceilings and walls of virtually any configuration. The spray then creates an absorbent surface, significantly reducing reverberation and echo. These finishes are ideal for both:
* New construction projects
* Renovation projects
Modern design trends require a smooth, clean look. SonaKrete, ICC's "Premium Acoustic Finish," is hand trowelled to achieve the aesthetics appropriate for any area requiring a finish that does not distract from the design objective.

Imagine growth unhindered by inadequate facilities. Imagine saving 25% to 50% on construction so that you can build now. Imagine saving 50 to 75% on cooling, heating, insurance and upkeep, freeing up resources for missions and outreach. Imagine a system that allows you to easily and economically expand from 250 to 1,000, 500 to 3,000. Imagine creating an intimate environment that draws people into worship, seating:
* 250 in 7 rows
* 500 in 10 rows
* 1,000 in 14 rows

Hear Technologies' freedom back
The freedom back is a wireless stereo in-ear system from Hear Technologies. The high-quality UHF wireless stereo in-ear monitor system. It can replace loud, bulky, and unsightly stage monitors and allow the talent freedom to move about. Freedom back is a perfect companion to Hear's Mix Back/Hear Back system. The system includes:
* Carrying case
* Rack mount adapter
* Extension cable for mounting the antenna on the front panel
Both the UA and UB bands feature 120 channels.

FreePrinters.com has announced the addition of the Xerox Phaser 6360DN high-speed color laser printer in their Free Printer Program. The addition of the Xerox Phaser 6360DN increases the available options in the Free Printer program with a color laser that can print up to 42 pages per minute in color. The printer models offered:
* Are provided free to U.S.-based organizations
* Include free on-site service and a discount of 30% on supplies
The only obligation to the client is to purchase ink or toner every three to four months. At the end of the two-year agreement, the equipment belongs to the client.

I.D.ME offers:
* Self check-in
* Guest services
* Thousands of combinations of reports
* Complete volunteer management
"Throughout the years, as our ministry grew, so did our technology needs. We tried everything. Then we met the creator of the I.D.ME technology, and it revolutionized our ministry from the inside out. During my years of ministry, we worked together to develop this technology. With more than 4,000 children per weekend on more than 10 campuses nationwide, it did it for us," said Scott Werner, executive director of Children's Ministry, LifeChurch.tv 2002-2007.

Bertolini Impressions 7 Series Pew Stacker
Bertolini has announced the honor of WFX "2007 Best Overall Building Product" prize, awarded for their new Impressions 7 Series Pew Stacker. Features include:
* Zero Maintenance technology, including the exclusive Fit-Tight fastening system with BosScrew technology
* Plush and comfortable Ergo-V back with Triple-Action lumbar support
Bertolini strives to put their customers first in everything they do, which is why they are constantly innovating; they want to see you maximize your impact for God's Kingdom.

StageRight's Z-system
When it comes to versatility, StageRight's Z-system is hard to match. Easily configured, for the following, all using the same decks and Z-supports:
* Seating risers
* Speaker platforms
* Choral risers
* Theater stages
Assembly is as easy as unfolding the support to create a "Z" shape and placing the deck on it. Horizontal and diagonal braces provide stability, so the platform won't creak or sway. Supports fold compactly for storage and are operable without the use of tools.

EIKI LC-X80 MultiVenue Projector
The EIKI LC-X80 MultiVenue Projector delivers 6,500 ANSI Lumens of XGA resolution 3LCD color imaging using one lamp rather than the usual two, resulting in a projector half the size and weight of those of similar brightness, making it more affordable to purchase and install. And, it is less expensive to use. The LC-X80 delivers all the on-screen performance you'd expect from mature 3LCD imaging technology, including:
* Vibrant 10 bit color
* A contrast ratio of up to 2000:1
* Advanced image scaling
* Compatibility with analog and digital data and video sources up to UXGA and 1080p


God's Big Backyard from Standard Publishing
Get ready for an outdoor adventure that starts in your own backyard and gets bigger each day as kids take the love of Jesus into their neighborhoods and communities. In God's Big Backyard, kids will:
* Participate in the large-group excitement of Backyard Bash
* Experience God's Word at Backyard Bible Club
* Meet real-life servants at Community Corner
* Explore and create through fun-filled crafts, snacks, and games
Just step outside, take a look over your fence, and get started helping kids discover how rewarding service can be!

Roll Call from By the Book
Keep your kids safe with the Child Check In software from By the Book. Roll Call's child check in feature allows you to:
* Check students in using bar code, fingerprint or by entering their name
* Automatically record attendance
* Print nametag and security labels
* Check students out
Roll Call runs on both Mac and PC. Download a trial from their Web site.

Dri-Dek from Kendall Products
Kendall Products' Dri-Dek is perfect for wet areas. Dri-Dek's anti-skid, self-draining surface keeps wet floors dry. It's perfect in pool areas, showers, locker rooms and saunas. It fights:
* Mold
* Mildew
* Germs
Just snap the 12" x 12" interlocking tiles together to form a custom surface of any length, width, or shape. For a free set of Dri-Dek samples, visit their Web site.

Sunlite Suite from DMX
Sunlite meets the Industry Standard for lighting control software, and is an ideal all-around DMX control software. The intuitive windows-style interface allows users to quickly and easily learn and apply this powerful and efficient DMX control solution. Sunlite features:
* Multimedia capabilities
* Audio to light functions
* Effect generators
* 3D Visualizer
* Timeline-based programming

AVsuperstore features the following products:
* Screens: The Cosmopolitan Electrol series from Da-lite are affordable, while still offering various screen materials and formats.
* Switcher/Scalers: This is a device that accepts multiple signal types, enhances the resolution, and sends one easy CPU signal to your projector. They allow you to switch inputs on the unit instead of scrolling through the projector during the middle of the service. A popular unit is the affordable VP-719XL from Kramer Electronics.
* Bose Loudspeakers: The Bose 802 speaker packages and MA12 line array speakers have helped churches spread the word more effectively.

Earthworks PianoMic System
The PianoMic System represents a revolutionary new approach to miking pianos featuring new microphone design technologies. The result is a dramatic increase in sound quality compared to conventional methods of miking pianos. The PianoMic System fits inside the piano and is invisible from outside the piano. The sound quality is impeccable with the piano lid:
* Open
* Half closed
* Fully closed
It has tremendous gain before feedback with virtually no leakage of sounds of other instruments from outside the piano.

Promise Network
Is your church looking for a solution to becoming more visible in the community, while at the same time making a direct spiritual impact on the lives of those in your area? For more than 35 years, Promise Network has been combining solid content with great outreach products in both English and Spanish to help churches like yours create not just a marketing piece, but also an outreach tool. They offer you a full-service solution, including:
* Free community analysis
* List acquisition
* High-quality printing
* USPS delivery, we do it all

Robe Lighting
Robe Lighting is one of the fastest-growing professional lighting manufacturers in the world. Their product range includes:
* Moving yoke luminaries
* Moving mirror luminaries
* Color changers
* Effects lights
* Architectural fixtures
* Control systems
Robe's reputation as a manufacturer of reliable products in the industry has helped them win many leading church.

Safeplay Systems
Safeplay Systems has created a new brochure for customers entitled "Ten Reason for Choosing an EcoPlay Playground from Safeplay Systems." The brochure highlights several environmentally friendly aspects of EcoPlay Playgrounds, such as:
* The playground structures are made from post-consumer recycled HDPE plastic
* The structures are Non-Toxic/PVC-Free
* The structures are totally Sustainable, being both recycled and recyclable
A single EcoPlay playground structure keeps an average of 30,000 milk jugs out of landfill-permanently.

Uniflex Pew End
In the past, you had to choose between the beauty and tradition of fixed pews or the comfort, flexibility and lower cost of stackable chairs. Now, with the introduction of Uniflex's new Pew End accessory, you can have it all. They stock the Pew End in three beautiful finishes, including:
* Honey Oak
* Medium Oak
* Dark Cherry
These are designed to work perfectly with the company's Vista Series. The Pew End is user installable.

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