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November 2006 Technology Product Roundup

Canon REALis X600 Video Projector
Long's Electronics introduces the Liquid Crystal On Silicon XGA projector from Canon—the REALiS X600. The LCOS technology creates:
* Seamless higher resolution images without flickering
* Better looking moving images
* Sharp display of small text and crisp blacks
With 3,500 lumens, it's the right choice for displaying bright images without having to completely darken your space. It has crisp XGA (1,024 x 768) resolution.

Hitachi CP-X608
Bringing high power and ease of use to large-venue environments, Hitachi has introduced the CP-X608 3LCD projector. The CP-X608 features capabilities for PC-less operation and networking, bringing an advanced level of versatility to presenters. The CP-X608:
* Has a brightness of 4,000 ANSI lumens
* Has a 1000:1 contrast ratio
* Displays images via a 1.5x zoom lens that can enable projection on screens up to 100 inches
The CP-X608 also features horizontal and vertical lens shift.

Mac Capability for Microboards' GX-1 Disc Publisher
Setting an astonishing new standard for disc publishing, support for the Mac operating system has now been added to the GX-1 Disc Publisher. Microboards Technology has introduced a software package that revolutionizes disc printing and recording on the Mac. Microboards co-developed the Mac solution with Hewlett Packard. Gains in print time and quality come in part from:
* Utilizing a new inkjet engine from HP
* The improved handling of the disc under the print head
* HP's new Vivera inks, which deliver brightness and durability for photo-quality printing

Panasonic PT-D5600
The new PT-D5600 is a one-chip DLP projector that provides bright, high-quality image projection for large spaces and delivers stable performance over extended periods of time. It includes:
* A dual lamp optical system to achieve brightness of 5,000 lumens and a 2000:1 contrast ratio
* Powerful sensing to monitor performance
* Panasonic's Vivid Color Control to deliver high-quality images
* 50-600 inch screen
* Resolution of 1024x768 pixels
* LAN connector

Audix MicroBoom
The Audix MicroBoom:
* Was designed as an accessory for the Audix Micros series of miniature condensers
* Has a diameter of less than 3 inches
* Weighs only 2.5 ounces
* Can be used in either a horizontal or vertical position
The MicroBoom is available with a choice of seven capsules, offering a broad choice of pick-up pattern and frequency response.

CDM+ Roommate 2.0
Suran's CDM+ Roommate 2.0 takes facilities management to another level. Powerful enough to handle all your scheduling needs, Roommate combines an event calendar with resource and contact managers in one easy-to-use program. CDM+ Roommate 2.0:
* Gives you more control over calendar appearance
* Lets you print blank calendars/worksheets
* Allows events to be scheduled across multiple rooms
* Includes a conflict resolution utility

Mitsubishi WD2000U
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division has released the WD2000U, a highly affordable, high-brightness, high-definition projector that matches widescreen formats used in today's latest computer and video applications. Mitsubishi's WD2000U:
* Is a native WXGA (1280 x 768) resolution, high-definition projector
* Utilizes Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing TrueVision DDP3020 image processing chip set
* Allows for true 10-bit image processing for incredible detail across a wide screen
Blasting 3000 ANSI lumens, the WD2000U provides plenty of brightness for auditoriums and large rooms. 

Shelby's Arena Church Ministry System
The Arena division of Shelby Systems has announced the Arena Church Ministry System. Arena ChMS touts such strengths as:
* Robust metrics and reporting
* Hosting freedom
* Customizable check in
* Flexible grouping options
Arena is a fully integrated content, contact and communication system dedicated to the power of community.

The PWB-100 from FSR is the answer to plasma/LCD installations. This 11-inch-wide box is the essential installation accessory for any flat-panel display. It installs easily in the wall behind the display, providing a neat and secure environment for the connections for:
* Audio
* Video
* Control
* Power
The unit accommodates up to six single space FSR Intelligent Plate Solution (IPS) plates and a UL listed single gang gem box for AC power.

Logos Ministry Scheduler
Logos Ministry Scheduler is an exciting tool to help manage your volunteers who serve on a rotating schedule. At any time, you can:
* View their current schedule
* Track vacations and exceptions
* View ministry roles
* Make comments
You can even link to data in Logos II Church Management.

faithHighway is a leading provider of media and technology outreach solutions for churches and ministries. More than 1,000 pastors in the past two years have decided to utilize cost-effective, cutting-edge Web technologies to:
* Reach the unchurched
* Retain more first-time visitors
* Increase the speed and accuracy of communication within their church

EasyWorship 2006
EasyWorship 2006 professional presentation software is easy to use and easy to learn. With EasyWorship 2006, users can:
* Edit and play back from the internal DVD drive
* Work with dual monitor output
* Lay text over video, camera, DVD, VHS or any media
* Switch between external feed via a capture card
* Use 106 transitions and cross fades
* Tap into scripture database of more than 25 Bible translations

Soul Management
Soul Management is a Church Management Program developed to be extremely easy to use and completely comprehensive. Customers agree that Soul Management is everything a church needs and is so user friendly that any employee or volunteer could use it. Soul Management includes:
* Attendance
* Mass mailings
* Payroll
* Vendor invoices
* Contributions
Soul Management is network compatible or can be hosted over the Internet. 

Barco XLM H25
The XLM H25 projector from Barco is ideally suited to ultra wide-screen projections. It features:
* Native wide-screen aspect ratio
* Native 2048 x 1080 resolution
* Light output of 27 000 center lumen
* Functional design
The XLM H25 projector is purpose built to work around the clock, making it ideal for intensive use in houses of worship.

MediaShout7 features:
* Tools to create, modify and preview presentations at any time, even while a program is underway
* Display of song lyrics, Bible verses or text with full audio and video integration to enhance the worship or teaching experience. 
* Bible keyword searches of more than 50 Bible translations
* A new user interface, live video feed, video transitions and selectable in/out points for DVD playback 

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