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April 2009 Product Showcase

Point Source Audio Ear-Worn Microphones
Isn't it time to lose your lavaliere? Point Source Audio is a specialty manufacturer of a unique line of ear-worn microphones featuring the CO-7 with an unbreakable boom at a 360-degree bend. Single-ear microphones and a convertible dual-ear clip option give houses of worship greater flexibility to adapt to the amount of a speaker's movement on stage. Popular among performing and broadcast professionals for their aesthetic appeal, and pliability to form-fit over any user's ear, PSA makes these attractive features equally available to churches at a justifiable price.

Kwik-Can Cover
The Kwik-Can Cover is an innovative new way to cover 33-gallon and 55-gallon barrels. The Kwik-Can Cover is simply a plastic sleeve that utilizes elastic at the top and bottom to hold the cover on the can. You simply slide the cover down over the can, and you're left with a clean, pleated look. Kwik-Can Covers are packaged 50 per carton and are stocked in white, black, royal blue, black-and-white check, and their new patriotic design for 55-gallon cans. Their new 33-gallon covers are available in white or black only.

Scheduline is a premier company for Web-based scheduling and can help manage employees on short hours. Keep your employees in hard times and ensure devoted employees when times are getting better. With Scheduline, you can manage all of your employees' schedules on a daily basis. Depending on the work you need to cover, you can sign into the system and organize your employees within the available hours. Your employees can log into the system as well, check their hours, and let you know their availability, all from any computer with Web access.  

Amplivox SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner
The SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner delivers 250 Watts to audiences up to 10,000, covering rooms as big as 30,000 square feet in a small lightweight package. Standard equipment includes a UHF 8-channel diversity internal wireless receiver (with choice of mic and transmitter) and a CD/RW/MP3 disc player with pitch control, plus SD card slot and USB input. The SW915 runs on either AC or battery power with up to 10 hours of runtime from two user-replaceable 12-volt rechargeable batteries. The self-contained system is portable and durable. 

CHAUVET Intimidator Spot 250
The Intimidator Spot 250 is the moving head spot of choice for houses of worship on a small budget, thanks to its ruggedness, overall output, and software with such functions as individual reset of pan/tilt, color, gobo, and shutter. The ability to secure precise positioning of gobo projections, 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections, and a bright output (10,800 lux @ 1 meter) make this fixture unusually sophisticated in its affordable price range. The fixture provides one 7-color wheel capable of producing split colors, as well as a rainbow spin at variable speed and an indexed rotating gobo wheel with 7 slots.

Pilot Rock Trash Receptacles
Outdoor recreation usually means outdoor trash, but collecting trash doesn't have to be ugly. Pilot Rock trash receptacles come in a variety of styles and sizes, as well as a rainbow of colors. Custom signage can identify a church, school, or donor. Some specialized lids can be used to collect recyclables. Use other lids for trash. Mix and match the receptacles to fit your need, landscape, and budget. The Pilot Rock product line includes picnic tables, pedestal grills, park and street site benches, campfire rings, bike racks, trash and recycling receptacles and lids, lantern poles, and more. 

Donarius Church Management Software
Donarius is an easy way to keep track of your members, contributions, pledges, and more.  Keep track of relationships between donors, such as families, sponsors, and small groups. Donarius lets you view and print tax receipts, quarterly statements, donor lists, church directories, and mailing labels/envelopes. It has a variety of customizable reports, such as donations by date or donor. Donarius sends personalized letters and e-mails. It also records "gifts in kind" and pre-authorized donations. Donarius imports data, so you don't have to re-enter it. It also exports data to be used in other software.

CoverSports USA
The new 2009 32-page catalog from CoverSports USA showcases the company's entire range of products. Featured are gym floor covers, gym mats and indoor padding, wind and privacy screens, digitally printed banners, fence-top protection, portable dugouts, temporary outdoor fencing, sideline tarps, stadium covers and padding, winter turf blankets, all-sports shelters and dugouts, and more. The catalog and accompanying product samples detail the wide assortment of colors, sizes, warranty information, storage options, and other features. It also highlights the company's extensive color and logo customization capabilities.

Boing Corner Strips
Boing Corner Strips are a unique solution for all play areas, indoors and outdoors. The product increases safety and reduces liability. Boing can be quickly and easily attached to any sharp or dangerous corners. The product is shock-absorbing, abrasion-resistant, anti-bacterial, and waterproof. It is available in nine vibrant colors.

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