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Implementing a Flexible and Creative Lighting Solution

Before a recent redesign, the lighting rig at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth, Texas, was all conventional. With the stage in use three or four days a week for numerous events and functions (including contemporary, acoustic, and traditional services with choir and orchestra; special Christmas and Easter services; weddings and funerals; and a plethora of concerts, including solo organ, big band, choir, children's shows, dramas, and plays), flexibility and creative latitude were essential to any lighting installation for the facility.

As a solution, the church installed Robe ColorSpot 700E AT moving lights. The Robe fixtures were specified by design consultant Rick Stuart of Rick Stuart Production and Design, based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

Stuart worked closely with the church's technical director, Rob Wimberley, on a recent upgrade to their lighting system. The new equipment was supplied by Electro Acoustics and Video (EAVI).

Twelve Robe ColorSpot 700E ATs were chosen to do the business, picked for their "many outstanding features, price, and value," according to Stuart.

"Robe and the 700 Series was also highly recommended by many industry professionals, and their reputation was outstanding among other comparable moving lights on the market," he said.

In addition to all these attributes, Stuart also likes the quiet running, which is useful in an environment that includes church services, as well as the speed, optics, and brightness along with easy access to everything within the unit.

"And, of course, we received superlative service and support from Robe," he said.

Eight of the ColorSpot 700E ATs are rigged on a FOH truss, and the other four are hung on the over-stage grid. Now that the Robes are up and running, their functionality is being fully tested by the house technical team. They are controlled via a Jands T2 console, which was also part of the re-fit, along with some LED fixtures.

The new lights were programmed by Wimberley, his lighting assistants Doug Scarborough and Colin Reece, and Jim Cozad of Radiant Design.

 "The ColorSpots are just fantastic! So far they have been reliable, easy to work on and offer loads of options," Winberley said. "I'm definitely planning on purchasing a few more in the next year."

Stuart has used Robe on some previous projects, including auto shows and corporate events. He's planning on specifying the brand again on two new upcoming construction projects.

For more information on Robe Lighting, visit www.robe.cz.

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