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Choosing the Right Music
By: Joe Orcino

Music plays an integral role in almost every provocative message. In a place of worship, it can take your breath away. Choosing the right piece of inspirational music is an art, a talent that will bring greater meaning to your takeaway message, one that will resonate long after your words are spoken.

Walking in, your congregation is milling about and greeting friends, but they also are preparing to receive your message for the day and to digest and put those words into practice for the coming week. Consider carefully choosing these pieces of music, as the mood your listeners embody during this initial gathering will be the mood they bring to your first words.

In the case where live instruments can be used, we highly recommend composing melodic accompaniment to the sermon. Nothing beats live music if you have the means. However, when space or budget prohibits live enhancement, adding an instant response module to the audio console allows you to pre-load and design appropriate audio clips and run the cues live while your sermon is underway. Each week, your message can be custom designed and enhanced with audio so that your messages remain fresh and meaningful. A little artistry behind the console can go a long way toward creating a lasting impression with your audience, and, in the end, that is what we are all trying to maximize—the takeaway and implementation of your message. This audio addition acts like an underscore and even an exclamation point at times, and the magnitude is undeniable for the audience. In many instances, this stand-alone addition has produced a measurable increase in positive feedback from their congregation.

Each place of worship has an appropriate level of delivery, and it is important to design both the content and the equipment in your venue to replay those messages within these confines. Some small congregations rely solely on the power of the spoken word to carry their message to the congregation. Very little production value is required or appropriate for this type of venue.

Yet, for others, it is a full-blown concert tour production each and every Sunday. Your music selection, as well as your equipment in place for playback, should reflect that same level of production and needs to remain consistent from concept to completion.

Should you find yourself in a position where you are making these decisions from the ground up, the right designer can maximize your takeaway, regardless of your budget. Choose a company that has a proven track record for success in a variety of venues, and you will find your message resonating through the congregation just as it should.

Your choral selections will carefully reiterate your message points as well, and it is important to reproduce those vocal performances on speakers that ring true and carry the room with conviction.

Finally, your walk-out and mingle selections are critical for your takeaway as well. Your congregation will leave your place of worship humming the last piece of music they heard for the rest of the day, and your words will resonate with them as they go out in the world. Careful attention to selecting these final pieces of music, as well as the speakers they are played on, will ensure the most effective results.

Joe Orcino is sales manager for Technical Productions, Inc., www.technicalproductions.com.

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