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Church Service CD And DVD Duplication
By: Kellie Garber

Today's churches are spreading the word to their worshippers and those outside their congregation through the distribution of CDs and DVDs.

As many are aware, there are a few options when it comes to the duplication of discs. Outsourcing the duplication of discs is beneficial to some because someone else takes care of the duplicating and printing. The drawbacks to outsourcing are long lead times and the higher cost per disc.

Another option is to purchase a duplicator, so that you can produce the discs in-house. This takes away the long lead times and allows you to burn and print the exact number of discs you need, when you need them.

What types of duplicators are available?
Churches usually choose one of two types of duplication and printing systems:  (1) a tower duplicator with a CD/DVD auto-printer or (2) a fully automated CD/DVD disc publisher. 

A tower duplicator is an upright box that includes a stack of drives for recording and one drive for the master. In this case, discs are usually pre-printed by an automated CD/DVD printer. A CD/DVD printer prints directly onto the surface of CDs and DVDs. This is a good choice for churches that require many copies immediately after a service or event.

Fully automated CD and DVD publishers can be a better choice for churches without large time constraints. A CD and DVD publisher integrates both a recorder and printer in one machine. First, the discs are burned by the built-in, high-speed recorder. Then, the discs are printed. The entire process is automatic and "hands-free."

The idea behind CD and DVD publishers is it is a one-step system where any church leader can start a job and walk away, and the publisher will do the work for them. The key is finding one that is fast, reliable, cost-effective, and produces an end product with a professional look that everyone feels comfortable handing out to their congregation and prospective parishioners. Producing a high-quality, full-color disc speaks volumes about your church.

Many are finding that producing discs themselves is far more cost-effective and has a much faster turnaround time than outsourcing.

After seeing what options are available for CD/DVD duplication, there are a few questions to consider to see if in-house duplication makes sense for your congregation.

Why should you distribute media?
There are many reasons to send home your church's message with members of your congregation. By doing so, you are able to have a voice with your congregation or audience outside of a once-a-week service. Those unable to attend the service can share in the message by listening to the CD or DVD in their home or car.

Distributing discs does not have to be for the Sunday service alone. Many churches use this distribution channel to hand out discs for leadership training, raising funds, vision casting, or simply to distribute copies of the church Christmas program or other special events.

By spreading the word with CDs and DVDs, you are able to reach a much wider audience than just those who regularly attend the weekly service.

Which methods of distribution are right for your church?
With the emergence of non-media formats, like MP3, many wonder whether or not CDs and DVDs still make sense as the way to hand out material. The answer is yes. CDs and DVDs are still the easiest method for most members of your congregation to understand. Working with non-media formats is still difficult for many people and is not a technology that they are yet comfortable with. It's important to use a technology that the majority of your congregation is able to use.

The Internet is also being used by many churches for distribution of video content. However, the limitations of connection speeds and file sizes can make watching video on a PC challenging. PC files are also not easily shared with others. For all of these reasons, CDs and DVDs will likely be made available to worshippers for many years into the future.

The list of uses for CD and DVD duplication equipment is endless. Handing out a CD or DVD with your church's message allows you to reach those outside the walls of your congregation. You are also able to keep those unable to attend the service in touch with the message.

There are a variety of brands, models, and capabilities available, and no matter which you choose, I think you'll find that having an in-house duplication system will allow you to spread your reach and grow your congregation.

Kellie Garber is marketing coordinator for Primera Technology, www.primera.com.

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