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Multimedia Public Address Systems & Lecterns for Worship
By: Jeanne Roth

The technology of portable sound systems is advancing at an alarming rate, so you need to choose wisely for your worship facility. You need to look for the right features for what you need and will grow into in the future. Here are some questions to consider.

How many people are in your audience? What is the room size? This is important because if you don't have enough power, then the people in the back can't hear you; if you have too much power or loudness, you blow out the front couple of rows in your audience and potentially distort the sound.

Do you need something that is ultra portable and will work with a computer? One of the great benefits of having your own sound system is that you are never surprised. You can focus on your message instead of putting out fires. You don't have to worry about this one if you have your own equipment. An idea for this is a portable multimedia sound system that includes computer interface cables, which will take any 2 watt computer and blast the sound up to 50 true watts. You will be able to cover an audience of 1,000 in 10,000 square feet of space.

How many speakers can you add? Is the system expandable? Will it grow with you or will you need to update in a couple of years? A few companies out there have add-on speakers that will work with all of their amplifiers and wireless microphone systems. Additionally, look for wireless speaker systems so that you don't trip over cords during your services.

How long is the warranty? A great warranty is six years.

Is it portable and adjustable? The system should fit your needs now and be able to grow with you. There are adjustable-height lecterns out there that can accommodate a variety of presenters and look sleek to match your décor. Some lecterns out there easily adjust from 36 inches to 44 inches, are on wheels for easy maneuverability, and have a range that is expandable for small or large spaces, from 1,500 to 3,000 people. Also, look for casters that lock, so after you move your lectern, it won't roll away in the middle of your sermon. Find a lectern collection that also has multimedia capabilities and has the modern and elegant look that fits with your church's interior design.

Think of all of the great uses and places within your facility for these products: sanctuary, narthex, meeting rooms, and fellowship hall. Use for plays, outreach, retreats, Vacation Bible School, camps, interactive gatherings, holiday pageants, and talent shows. Once you have a reliable system, you will use it everywhere!

Jeanne Roth is in marketing and graphic design for AmpliVox Sound Systems, www.ampli.com.

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