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January 2009 Letter from the Editor
By: Jill Pinheiro

Happy New Year!

As we head into 2009, what are the goals for your church in the coming months? Does that list include a construction project? Even in a tighter economy, churches are still building, as evidenced by our Foundations column that runs each month, detailing a church construction project. We never have a shortage of new worship facilities to profile.

If this is on your horizon, what should you know before you begin?

Tobey VanWormer, executive director of the National Association of Church Design Builders, recently identified eight questions that church leaders should ask before beginning a construction project:

1. Who are we trying to reach?

2. What building (or buildings) will help us reach them?

3. What can we afford?

4. How can we afford it (stewardship campaign, financing, sale of existing facility)?

5. Where should it be? (neighborhood, freeway, inner city)

6. When do we want it finished?

7. What do we do with our congregation until it is finished?

8. How do we handle the growth once it is built?

"Building a church can be a complicated process, but with the right preparation, you can avoid stress and calamity," said VanWormer.

Whatever the year brings, I hope you'll continue to look to Religious Product News as your comprehensive resource for finding products and services for your church building and ministries.

I'm always interested in hearing from you. You can reach me at jill@rpnmag.com.

God Bless,

Jill Pinheiro
Managing Editor

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