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July 2009 Supplemental Product Showcase

MediaShout Version 4
The Don Moen Company has announced the release of MediaShout Version 4, a leading media presentation software used in churches around the world. The new version ensures that ministry presentations are easy to prepare by volunteers and professionals alike, while delivering increased impact to audiences and congregations. Accompanying the release of Version 4 is a new MediaShout logo, a completely redesigned Web site, online classes through MediaShout University, and a new campaign to communicate the new version's increased ease of use and effectiveness, Simply Create and Connect.

Projector Lamp Services
Re-lamp it with Projector Lamp Services. PLS offers an efficient, economical and eco-friendly option. Save 30 to 50% off the cost of a new lamp with PLS. Re-lamped modules provide performance and lifetime comparable to original OEM lamps. They also offer a special 90-day warranty for houses of worship. PLS services more than 95% of all lamps received, and, for your convenience, they also provide projector lamp recycling services free of charge to anyone who would like to participate.

 Headset and Lapel Mics from Galaxy Audio
Galaxy Audio offers a complete line of Headset and Lapel Mics that are compatible with all Any Spot Wireless Mic Systems, as well as wired systems using the optional Phantom Body Pack (JIB/PB). Additionally, a wide variety of connector options make the mics compatible with virtually all brands of wireless mic systems. Both Omni and Uni-Directional types are available. Lightweight attachment systems include Single Ear Hook, Dual Ear Hook, Wrap Around designs, Combination Headset/Lapel, and Dedicated Lapel types.

 Eartec’s MC-1000
The Eartec Company has manufactured headset communication systems since 1961. When your job calls for split-second coordination, look to the Eartec MC-1000 UHF Wireless System for your communications solution. With a range of up to one mile, and an unlimited amount of users available, the MC-1000 UHF can handle even the most rigorous of environments. Couple the MC radio with Eartec's comfortable lightweight Monarch headset to enjoy the quality and comfort of an Eartec system.

Audix M1255B
The Audix Micros Series, which consist of the world’s smallest condenser microphones with integrated preamp and detachable cable, continue to evolve and break fresh ground with the introduction of the M1255B. This latest development now allows the M1255B to be able to operate, without sacrifice to its performance, on phantom power of 18 – 52 Volts. With a stylishly machined brass housing and modular threaded capsule, the M1255B features a smooth frequency response of 50 Hz – 20 kHz, 12 mm gold vapor diaphragm, a selection of 4 capsules, and complete immunity from RF caused by cell phones and GSM devices.

Enhanced VPS from Black Box
Black Box Corporation has announced that it will be introducing an enhanced version of its popular VGA Wireless Video Presentation System (VPS), one that supports PDA connectivity and 4-to-1 split-screen projection. It also features a “plug-and-show” token for fast setup. As with the standard AC1130A VPS system, the new Plus version is an 802.11b/g receiver that plugs into any display device with a VGA port, enabling laptop users to access a projector or other device from hundreds of feet away. The Plus version works with both PC and Mac computers, supports communications with mobile PDA devices, and has features to enhance productivity.

Hitachi CP-X2510
Offering superior performance and reliability, Hitachi has introduced the CP-X2510 3LCD projector. The CP-X2510 features a brightness of 2,600 lumens and a 2000:1 contrast ratio. The CP-X2510 3LCD projector is easy to install and transport at a light weight of 7.9 pounds. The CP-X2510 features 16 Watts of built-in audio, eliminating the need for external speakers, while maintaining a low noise rating of 29 dB in Eco Mode. A hybrid filter allows for 5,000 hours before replacement. Additionally, the CP-X2510 consumes less than 5W power in Saving Mode. The CP-X2510 also features Hitachi’s proprietary My Buttons functionality, allowing two buttons on the projector to be programmed to execute any projector command.

SamePage MIX
Corevalus Systems has announced the introduction of SamePage MIX, a full-featured Personal Monitor Mix solution that integrates seamlessly with their existing SamePage PLAN and PLAY Worship Planning and Music Management platforms. SamePage MIX is the first Personal Monitor Mixing system that offers an intuitive, customizable touch-screen interface. In addition, SamePage MIX is a completely expandable system, allowing for growth in both channel count and system architecture as required. With SamePage, all aspects of worship are fully integrated, and the MediaShout integration allows worship leaders additional freedom and spontaneity during worship. 

Video Mount’s PM-LP Universal Yokeless Low Profile Projector Mount
Video Mount Products has announced the launch its new PM-LP Universal Yokeless Low Profile Projector Mount. VMP’s line of projector mounts comes complete with everything needed for a quick and easy installation. With this concept in mind, VMP’s new PM-LP Universal Yokeless Low Profile Projector Mount has been designed with a high-load capacity, rugged housing, low profile, tilt, full rotation, and telescoping capabilities, is compliant with most of today’s leading projectors, and is available in silver and black powder coat finishes.

Bose L1 Compact Portable Line Array
Bose has introduced the new L1 Compact portable line array system, the latest, and most portable, addition to the Bose® L1 product line. Using advanced Bose technologies, an L1 Compact system fills the room with only one speaker, can be carried in a single trip, and set up in less than one minute. The new L1 Compact system features an integrated low-frequency enclosure and combines the amplifier, monitor, PA, mixer and EQ into a complete audio system ready for simple connection to an instrument, microphone, MP3 player, computer, or other audio device.

Christie DHD700
The new Christie DHD700 delivers high brightness in full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. With a unique, user-changeable, twin-color wheel system (high brightness and rich-color option color wheels), you can tailor every presentation to maximize either high brightness needs or superior color reproduction. With an incredible 6500 ANSI lumens, and a series of six optional motorized, high definition lenses, the Christie DHD700 delivers superior image performance. Exceptional image quality, 24/7 performance reliability, and unique application flexibility options, the Christie DHD700 is an excellent choice for large video presentations with high resolution content.

Mitsubishi WD3300U AND XD3200U
Mitsubishi continues its commitment to the professional installation market with the release of two new high-brightness installation-purpose projectors using Texas Instruments’ DLP technology. The XD3200U XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) and widescreen WD3300U WXGA (1280 x 800 pixels) are designed for lecture halls, large classrooms, church sanctuaries, and other presentation rooms. These new projectors create beautiful colored images with a virtually sealed color wheel that helps prevent dust accumulation. This new color wheel design, along with an improved air-flow cooling duct path, allows both the WD3300U and XD3200U to operate at a low noise level.

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