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March 2009 Product Showcase

Did you know that 91 percent of your typical donor's wealth is held in non-cash assets? Yet most ministries don't offer their donors an easy way to gift these valuables. idonate offers an experienced team with an extensive network of dealers and brokers who will deliver back to you the optimal value for pretty much any non-cash item you are given. You'll also receive the most powerful tool your ministry can use to reach and serve your donors: a customized Web portal where donors can submit gifts and find information.

 Whirlwind Solar Energy Systems
Whirlwind Steel Buildings has announced the creation of Whirlwind Solar Energy Systems. Whirlwind Solar offers a renewable energy alternative for metal roof and metal building applications. Whirlwind's Solar Energy System is an amorphous photovoltaic peel & stick system that is factory or field applied to Standing Seam Roof panels. Whirlwind's SES is available in seven pre-designed packages ranging from 3 to 120 kilowatts.

DVR-LB1 DVR Lockbox from Video Mount Products
Video Mount Products has announced the introduction of the DVR-LB1 DVR Lockbox. As expensive technologies and equipment find homes in more and more commercial and professional settings, additional security measures need to be taken to insure these electronics are not harmed or stolen. Video Mount Products' DVR-LB1 has been designed specifically for the peace of mind of those who require DVRs be installed in specific settings that may be prone to theft or vandalism.

Biema Line Array
The Biema Line Array is smaller in size, but powerful in output. Biema has introduced the IVA (Installation Vertical Array), their most compact Line Array system. This system is perfect for smaller venues. The IVA is constructed with a Class H power amp, which is perfectly matched to the enclosure. You can even control the systems directly through your computer with built-in DSP technology. The nine adjustable spay angles permit the IVA to precisely direct the sound to fit your unique layout of your venue.

Jonti-Craft's Picnic Table
Jonti‐Craft, Inc. has introduced the new Picnic Table to its lineup of early learning furniture. The Picnic Table is great for small group activities or even dramatic play in an indoor setting. Both the bench and the table top are adjustable in two inch increments so it can span many different sizes of children. Dimensions are 47" wide x 42" long by 18"‐22" high. It carries a lifetime warranty and is constructed with Jonti‐Craft's exclusive features: KYDZSafe edges, KYDZTuff finish and KYDZStrong construction.

Draper's TorkStar Utility Line Set
Draper's new TorkStar Utility Line Set is designed to raise and lower a wide range of products commonly used on stages or in gymnasiums. TorkStar is an inherently safe, simple lifting system designed for intermittent usage, which can be used to raise and lower lighting, speakers, backdrops, scenery, banners, flags, projection screens, and more. TorkStar eliminates the need for stepladders, scaffolding, or lifts to service or change lamps, filters, or other ceiling-suspended items.

Videx Rechargeable CyberKey
Videx has announced the new Rechargeable CyberKey that brings additional flexibility to the CyberLock Electronic Lock System by giving worship facilities two choices of keys. The Rechargeable CyberKey is an excellent choice for churches that want a small, environmentally friendly key. The need to regularly replace and discard batteries is eliminated because its lithium-ion polymer battery is rechargeable and has a battery-life of 3 to 4 years. The new Rechargeable CyberKey joins an impressive line-up of products offered as part of the CyberLock System.

Intruder Response Training from Strategos International
Ministries must find a better way to prevent the increasing violence in our places of worship and also be prepared if such an event should occur. In response to the demands of church leaders, Strategos International has developed Intruder Response Training programs specific for any vulnerable environment. Strategos has trained over 7,500 law enforcement and military professionals all over the world since 2002. Strategos now brings that expertise and experience into its Intruder Response Training programs.

MBM 2604 Shredder
The 2604 is the latest addition to MBM Corporation's line of Destroyit business shredders. Shredding documents in-house is more secure and cost-effective than using an outside service, and the 2604 makes centralized, high-volume shredding easy and convenient. This fast and efficient business machine is available in four shred sizes and, for a limited time, includes a free factory installed automatic oiler. Features such as the "Easy Switch" multi-function control element and an electronically controlled safety shield make the 2604 one of the safest shredders in its class.

The Kwik-Cover is a lightweight "fitted" vinyl table cover that features elastic edging to hold it in place.  This easy-to-use "plastic w/elastic" specialty cover stays tight on the table even in the wind.  Kwik-Covers come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit most banquet and round tables. They even fit standard-size picnic tables. With Kwik-Covers, there's no longer a need for time-consuming rolls of plastic, which require the use of scissors, staples, tape, or tacks. It's literally a "snap" to cover tables with the Kwik-Cover. 

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