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Microphone Selection & Placement

Two experts discuss microphone applications for both traditional and contemporary worship music.
Contemporary Worship Recordings
Ken Riley is producer/engineer at Studio 150, Calvary Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“As a producer and engineer who specializes in Contemporary Christian Recordings,
I hold the opinion that the microphone is the single most important device to make a recording sound real.

I have been recording Christian and secular music since 1981. I worked for nearly a decade at Electric Lady Land in New York and learned my craft.

 By 2002, I had acquired a massive microphone locker of Vintage Neumann, AKG, and Sony mics.

I thought I had enough mics to cover most applications. My Mentor Recording-Ace,
Bob Rosa, recommended a reasonably priced mic by ADK called the Model TC. He is a multi-platinum, Grammy-winning engineer and has worked with the very greatest vocalists of all time, including Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and more.

I tried a TC and loved it so much I used it on a country music project that won Best Production Award at the New Mexico Music Awards. I went on to help Oceanside Church in California equip their new studio with a variety of ADK Mics and Pre-Amps.

I also helped Studio One at Calvary Albuquerque acquire over a dozen ADK Mics and have been extremely successful with this studio, earning nearly six figures in income for the church.

The “better-than-vintage” specs and historical response curves of the ADK Custom Mics have allowed me to sell of my expensive vintage collection and actually make better recordings than ever. My recent CDs with Ives, Richie Furay, Larry Mitchell, Darrell Mansfield, and Brian Hardgroove all give testimonial to these mics.”

Live Worship Music
Tony Shannon is the founder of Vision Quest Design, founded 1980.

“I first heard an ADK mic at the 2000 NSCA show, where one of my Nashville engineer “golden-eared” friends, Ronnie Brookshire, said, “You’ve got to hear this new mic!”
He has worked with everyone from Michael W. Smith to Michael McDonald. It’s not surprising that his keen ears had found an affordable “go-to” microphone that fits so many uses.

From here, we started specifying ADKs not only for studios, but also for use in our high-quality live sound reinforcement.  As a sound contractor, we have found the ADK line to fit both the sonic need and the budget requirements for many of our church projects. 

The first opportunity was when one of Atlanta’s largest churches, New Birth Church, a 7,000-seat facility, called asking for eight ADK A-51s to mic their large choir. The sound engineer had used ADK mics when he worked with the Statler Brothers and knew they would be a great fit for his need.

Then, from one of the city’s largest choirs to smaller ones, the ADK Small Diameter allowed great success when we needed a focused microphone to provide a more controlled pattern, reducing stage bleed without sacrificing quality. The latest SDs are the Cutting-Edge 3 Zigma Audio CHI Systems, and they offer a variety of live and studio applications.

We use the ADK large caps, like the A6, S-7, Vienna and Hamburg on grand piano, guitar speaker cabinets, Leslie (organ) speakers, and even as drum overheads, and they have provided the clarity and detail so often missed in live performance. 

A key factor is positioning on stage to help minimize bleed from monitors and other instruments, so be conscious where your sound sources are and the placement to minimize your challenges.

ADK further proved its worth when North Metro Church performed a traditional folk service where mics ranged from the A-51 to the model TT Tube Mic. 

In this setting, the ADK Mics had a chance to let their beautiful true colors shine, covering both vocals and acoustic instruments beautifully. They have proved a blessing for live worship music!!

ADK continues to provide of perfect blend of acoustic beauty and affordable cost.”

ADK Microphones: www.adkmic.com.

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