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September 2009 Product Showcase

Galaxy Wireless Personal Monitor Systems
Building on the fine reputation of the original AS-1000, Galaxy Audio is proud to introduce the AS-900, AS-1100, and AS-1500 Systems. The addition of these new systems forms a complete line of Wireless Personal Monitor Systems that will cover any audio requirement and any budget. All systems include Ear Buds, Rack Ears, and Batteries. Each system is also available as a Band Pack, which includes Four Receivers and Four sets of Ear Buds.

Landmark Audio Technologies
Landmark Audio Technologies is a leading developer and provider of assistive listening devices specializing in meeting the needs of houses of worship. Whether you wish to provide assistance to the hearing impaired members of your congregation with the Landmark S100 or offer language translation using the Landmark Walkabout, their FM-based products are an excellent solution. Their products are affordable, easy to use and provide exceptional sound quality. Their systems and devices help to meet ADA compliance.

In delivering the message in a house of worship, striking visuals, enhanced audio systems, and customized lighting can make all the difference. To ensure your message is distinctly seen and heard, turn to the specialized expertise of AVI-SPL, a leading integrator for AV systems and services. From interactive whiteboards for your meeting rooms, to user-friendly videoconferencing technology to record and broadcast sermons, contact AVI-SPL today to help your church make a lasting impact.

Black Box DVI-D Single-Link Fiber Extender
The Black Box DVI-D Single-Link Fiber Extender extends high-resolution DVI-D video up to 400 meters (1312 feet) over just one fiber, making it perfect for digital signage. With no compression, no delay, total transparency, and resolutions up to 1920 x 1200, the extender optimizes your picture quality. It supports HDTV 1080p and is very compact, unobtrusive, and easy to install. The DVI-D Single-Link Fiber Extender is ideal wherever video quality is paramount, and space and fiber are at a premium.

Chloride Emergency Lighting Controls and AC Systems
Chloride Systems has introduced a new addition to its emergency lighting controls and AC systems lines. Available in 100 or 250 watt, the Synthesis Zone Inverter is designed to back up fluorescent and incandescent fixtures and is compatible with most dimming ballasts. This mini inverter is supplied with a maintenance-free, sealed lead calcium battery, which will provide a minimum of 90 minutes of emergency illumination. A 120/277 dual voltage input/output provides 91% of nominal lumen output. Mounting for the Synthesis Zone Inverter includes surface, recessed and ceiling grid options.

Sound Made Simple iPA from Walthall
Walthall & Associates has announced the release of Sound Made Simple iPA, the portable application version developed to run on Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. Sound Made Simple is an interactive computer-based application that uses eye-catching animation paired with an easy-to-understand presentation that teaches the basic fundamentals of audio and acoustics using a unique, academic approach. Sound Made Simple was produced to address the ever growing need for training in the fields of acoustics, audio, and sound system operation.

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