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Choosing a Successful Fundraiser
By: John S. Mickman

Input from leaders of many volunteer organizations with whom I have partnered over the years stress a number of key attributes they consider when choosing a successful fundraiser.

This is an important decision, as the success of the fundraising effort is not only a reflection of you and your church, but also for all of your members that will be putting the effort into the fundraiser.

Here are a few key items to consider when making your decision:

1. Choose a product(s) that has a higher perceived value than the selling price of the product.

2. Choose products(s) that customers would truly like to purchase!

3. If possible, choose a fundraiser whose products are popular to the season (i.e., spring bulbs, Christmas evergreens, etc.).

4. Make sure that the fundraising program is well-organized to assure a maximum profit with minimum effort.

5. While profit percentages are interesting, you canít spend percentages. Choose a fundraiser whose products offer high dollar profitability per item, so each sale will contribute significantly to your fundraising goal.

6. Why take any risks? Choose a fundraiser that allows for advance sales so you only need to order the quantity of items you have presold.

7. Choose products that are easily deliverable to the customers.

8. And, finally, choose a fundraising company with a track record of success and dependability!

In these trying economic times, it is important to maintain the essence of our organizations, while funding the many activities of most churches and youth groups has become increasingly difficult.

As a leader of your church, you know the importance of proper funding levels for these activities. This being the case, many church leaders are searching for more creative ways, not only to increase funding, but also to involve as many members as possible in a worthwhile cause.

While there are a plethora of fundraising opportunities from which to choose, there are only a few are compatible with religious organizations that incorporate the items outlined above, so above all else, do your research.

John S. Mickman is president of Mickman Brothers, which manufactures and supplies beautiful, fresh Christmas wreaths to volunteer fundraising organizations, such as church groups, www.holidayfundraiser.com.

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