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Synthetic Grass Playground Safety Surface

Maybe recently you have driven past a playground where you admired the manicured lawn and wondered how it could look so healthy and lush in the middle of a rain-starved summer. But, maybe it wasnít grass at all...
Advances in turf technology and installation practices have helped synthetic grass products transition into the playground industry as a very desirable alternative. There are many reasons to choose synthetic grass for both new and existing playgrounds. By far, the most important aspect of any ground cover beneath play equipment is safety. However, many are finding they can have their cake and eat it, too. 
Yes, synthetic grass is extremely attractive, but there is more than meets the eye. Letís start with safety. Synthetic grass is installed with padding and infill, which allows it to meet all the safety requirements required by IPEMAís ASTM 1292 requirements for critical head fall. Depending on installation, the standard can be met up to a 12-foot critical head fall. Facilities should always look for synthetic turf products that are IPEMA certified for quality and can be installed to meet specification. Synthetic turf also offers an antimicrobial, non-allergenic surface on which kids can safely play.
Beyond the health and safety aspects, property managers receive many additional benefits from this uniformly manufactured surface. One benefit that cannot be overlooked is that unitary surface installations are an ADA-compliant application. No additional considerations or expense needed to make the play area open to all children.

Synthetic grass also drains and dries quickly, so the surface becomes usable almost immediately after a rain, with no need to worry about mud. Also, there is little to no maintenance. All in all, synthetic grass provides a safe, permanently manicured, clean play area that kids will enjoy. 

Information in this article was provided by XGrass Inc., a leading provider of synthetic grass products, including XGrassPlay, www.xgrass.com.

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