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CD and DVD Duplication
By: Kellie Garber

When I was asked to contribute to this article, I thought it might be most beneficial to interview an actual church staff member who uses this type of equipment on a regular basis.

Here, we tap into the experience and knowledge of Charlie Allen, worship technology coordinator at Trinity Lutheran Church in Long Lake, Minnesota. He shares the many ways that he uses his automated CD and DVD duplicating equipment for church projects.
1) How do you use your duplication equipment?
Church Services
One of the most common uses for disc duplication in a church is creating copies of the church service for those who are unable to attend the service, or those who would simply like a copy of the message at home or in their car.

 “I currently create a CD of at least one church service each week,” Allen said. “My duplicating and printing equipment has allowed me to make many copies quickly as well as develop theme CDs for easy recognition. For example, mission trip events have one color theme, while regular church service CDs have another color theme.”

Mission Trips
Oftentimes, a church may wish to capture a memorable event that the church is involved with and share this good work with others. Trinity Lutheran Church creates discs for each of their mission trips.

“Our church creates and distributes slide shows and videos of each mission trip that the church participates in,” he said. “The disc publishing equipment allows us to print a group photo directly on the disc, which makes for easy recognition and a nice keepsake for those members who participated.”

Important Building Documents
While we often think of the duplication of discs for the benefit of the congregation, there are other basic uses your duplication and printing equipment can be useful for, as well.

Allen said, “We’ve created copies of a video that was produced of the church’s electrical, fire safety, and plumbing systems.”

Training Materials
CDs and DVDs are an easy way to share important documents with your staff, whether full-time employees or volunteers.

“Training materials and sessions are recorded and produced on the disc publishing equipment to share with anyone who wants to extend their learning and skills beyond just the walls of the church,” Allen said.

Member Testimonials
Producing discs with your message is a good way for individuals outside of your church to learn more about what your church offers and what they may gain by becoming a member. Trinity Lutheran has found member testimonials are a good way to accomplish this.

Allen said, “Many members of our church were interviewed for a video explaining what they have gained by being members of the church. Copies were made of each of the videos and given to the participants to share with friends and family.”

Capturing Special Events
Who doesn’t want to remember a special event or a memorable time in your life? Creating CDs or DVDs of a significant event is a wonderful way to remember a special time. Trinity Lutheran Church does just that.

“CDs and DVDs are created for weddings, funerals, or any other memorable event for members who would like to take a copy home with them,” he said.

Creating discs is a great way to ensure that if someone in your congregation misses an important event, they are still able to get in on the learning.

“Our church hosts a monthly speaker for our confirmation youth and their families,” Allen said. “We then make and distribute copies for those who couldn’t attend the event or for those who simply enjoyed it enough that they’d like a permanent copy.”

Church Choirs
The uses for CD and DVD duplication equipment for church choirs are endless. Producing discs of choir practice, holiday concerts, and special performances are nice for both members of the choir and the congregation.

 “Our choir director often creates a master CD that we then duplicate for at-home practice for the church choir members,” according to Allen.

Trinity Lutheran Church has found that their duplication equipment can even help raise money for the church, such as creating discs of church youth events and then selling them as a fundraiser. Other opportunities for fundraising would be selling discs of holiday concerts, weddings, and any other special events.

Church Promotion
By spreading the word with CDs and DVDs you are able to reach a much wider audience than just those who regularly attend the weekly service.

“Our church provides a high-quality DVD that is offered to visitors and potential new members,” said Allen. “It lets them learn more about our church. This is a nice, very professional way to share what our church is all about. The same content goes on our website, but not everyone is on the Internet or even knows how to access videos. With a DVD, you have a permanent copy that can be played on your television instead of having to gather people around a PC screen.”

2) Why use automated disc duplication equipment? What types of products are available?
A CD and DVD publisher integrates both a recorder and printer in one machine. First, the discs are burned by the built-in, high-speed recorder. Then, the discs are printed. The entire process is automatic and “hands-free.”

According to Allen, “I’ve been told that the newest disc publishing equipment can print a disc in just six seconds. That’s pretty incredible. Although my current unit is quite a bit slower, the automation is the biggest advantage. I can produce quantities of discs without having to manually burn, print pages of sticky labels, and put the labels on while sitting at a PC the whole time. Now, I can do other things while my duplicator chugs away and makes the discs for me.”

With disc capacities as small as 20 with one recording drive and as large as a 2-drive recording system with 100-disc capacity fitted with CD/DVD and even Blu-ray Disc drives, there really is a model for congregations of any size.

The key is finding the one that is the best fit for your church. Consider these factors: print speeds, capacities, cost, quality and reputation of the brand, and ease of use.

No matter which one you ultimately choose, Allen said, “You’ll find that having an in-house duplication system will help you to spread your reach and grow your congregation.”

Kellie Garber is marketing coordinator for Primera Technology, Inc., www.primera.com.

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