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June 2010 Product Showcase

For over 10 years, Zbattery.com has been a wholesale battery retailer, carrying a variety of batteries for UPS back-up systems, security systems, cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, watches, and much more. Zbattery.com is also a MagLite-preferred retailer for all MagLite flashlights, parts, and accessories.

Today's Classroom
This new Soft Organizer System is a lightweight and flexible storage system with 24 compartments good for storing supplies and easily mobile for portables and art class. It comes in three colors: Purple, Teal, and Grey. It includes Message Center Display with Dry Erase Board and three clear pockets. It features Top Mounted Wire Rack for extra storage.

The new Greystone Harmony is the perfect chair for worship, educational, and performing arts seating. With an environmentally sustainable "green" design, 99 percent of the chair is recyclable. The inner back is 100% post-consumer recycled polymer. It features high density ergonomic 2" thick back foam. Solid 5/8" Steel pivot rod assembly with gravity lift eliminates problematic spring lifted seat systems.

Air-Row Fans
The Air Row Fan family is all about targeted air movement. They bring the latent heat/trapped air from the ceiling to the floor to exactly where it is needed.  Air velocity can be controlled by either an infinite range speed control or a programmable smart motor option. Additional options are available. Their fans typically pay for themselves with improved thermostat settings and lower run times on your large roof-top HVAC units.

The Superscope 400 Series of professional music practice and digital recording systems is designed for musicians, vocalists, and music educators. PSD410 is a SD Card recorder and PSD450 adds a 40GB Hard Drive and CD Burner. Record WAV or MP3 files. It includes USB, Battery Operation, Large Full Color LCD, and Music Practice features (Tempo and Key Control, A-B Looping, Voice Reduction, Overdub, and much more).

Pew Décor Holder
The Pew Décor Holder is an easy way to add decoration to any sanctuary without harming pews.It is durable and transparent, and can be used with flowers, ribbons or bows. It comes in three sizes, and custom sizes are available, also. The Pew Décor Holder is great for all occasions, including weddings, confirmations, baptisms, holidays, ordinations, and bar mitzvahs.

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