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Breaking Down Church Database Software

Church Membership Software systems work with your members and congregation, and the areas associated to them, such as contribution/tithes made to the church, counseling and much more.

Church Management Software systems include Church Membership Software features along with providing tools to manage the other areas of a church, such as your library, equipment, facility scheduling, etc.

Let's take a look at each of these areas:

Church Membership Software
When looking for a solution to manage your members, there are a lot of things to track and stay on top of. Here are the kind of features you could find in a church membership software:

* Membership/Congregation Management
* Membership Directory
* Track Tithes & Contributions
* Track Pledges
* Visitor Management
* Counseling
* Track Attendance
* Groups & Committees
* Prayer Requests
* Growth or Marketing
* Handling Inbound Phone Calls
* Mass Mailings
* Broadcast Emails

What's interesting about all of these different area's a church could choose to automate is you can purchase any of these features in individual single purpose database programs. If you only need one of these and that's all you'll ever need, that would be fine. 

But, about the time you need more than one of these features, it's best to get a church management software (CMS) system that offers those features under one system.

Why? Because you don't want to do any double entry!

You want all of your members in one program and for that one program to offer the features you need. That way, you're only putting members in once. 

Itís costly and time-consuming to bounce from program to program and be forced to update more than one program when you have a membership change, or to add a new member to more than one program.  

Church Management Software
In this area, you're staying on top of or tracking items that have nothing to do with members.  Running a church is more than just members. It's also:

* Faculty and Staff Management
* Facility Scheduling
* Pastor(s) Scheduling
* Events
* Sermon Management
* Manage & Track Books in Your Library
* Manage Books and Other Items You Sell
* Manage Your Music
* Manage & Track Church Equipment
* Outreach

As you can see, there's a lot to managing a church.  The trick is finding the right system to help you automate your church.

This information is courtesy of ChurchManagementSoftwareSystem.com.

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