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An Inexpensive and Highly Versatile Seating Plan for Your Spring Events

Now that spring is here, why not consider updating your basic church furniture to get ready for special church events and summer camps? With Easter, confirmation, weddings, receptions, and luncheons abound in the upcoming months, it's a good time to make sure that your tables and chairs are up to par and that you have enough to comfortably seat your congregation members and their guests.

Flexibility and budgetary concerns are top of the mind when it comes to purchasing church furniture. You want to make sure you purchase furniture that is budget-friendly, yet durable and versatile enough for commercial use. Folding chairs and tables are a great, flexible choice and are becoming increasingly popular in congregations today.

Here are some questions to consider before purchasing:

Where will you be primarily using your folding tables and chairs?
How long will your congregation and guests be sitting in the folding chairs?
What features do you value most in your folding tables and chairs durability, versatility, comfort and/or style?

Plastic Folding Chairs
Plastic folding chairs are waterproof and stain-resistant, good for both indoor and outdoor all-weather use. Most are designed with open backs and drain holes to assist in quick drying after getting wet. These chairs are lightweight, yet can hold anywhere from 220 to 1,000 pounds, depending on the folding chair style and brand. Ganging brackets are available for some styles of plastic folding chairs, which will allow you to easily create straight, immovable chair rows. This style folding chair sits on either double support rails or a dual sled base for added stability and strength.

Plastic folding chairs are available in a variety of colors, but black and white are the most popular options. Elegant white plastic folding chairs are great for outdoor events and are especially popular for weddings, banquets, and receptions. Black plastic folding chairs offer a solemn feel when you need additional seating for a funeral viewing or reception. Black chairs also come in handy for children's classrooms and lunch areas where you have a higher volume of traffic and the chairs need to be able to handle more wear and tear than in other areas of your facility.

All-Steel Folding Chairs
These are your traditional metal folding chairs, which are only available in a few colors, including black, gray, beige, and red. All-steel folding chairs are constructed of thick round steel pipe to form an 18-gauge steel frame with riveted steel components and cross rail supports. Non-marring foot caps keep the chairs from leaving scuff marks on your floors. Some of the all-steel folding chairs come with up to a 15-year limited warranty on the frame.

In an effort to soften the look and feel of all-steel metal folding chairs, manufacturers have added 1-inch to 2.5-inch thick padding to the seats and backs of these chairs. The foam padding comes in either vinyl for easy clean up or fabric upholstery for a classier look and superior comfort. Vinyl all-steel chairs are padded in basic colors, such as gray or beige, on the same color tone chair.

Upholstered fabric padded steel folding chairs are offered in similar tone-on-tone styles, but also come in a wider variety of colors. Blue, navy blue, dark navy, beige, light beige, gray, and burgundy fabrics are available on either gray or beige all-steel frame folding chairs. The 2.5-inch thickly padded burgundy fabric upholstered seat and back option is an extremely popular color choice for churches.

Resin Folding Chairs
One of the biggest benefits of resin folding chairs is that you get the look of a real wood folding chair but in an all-weather use chair. The resin chairs are created by injecting a UV-stabilized polypropylene resin into a mold. This makes the chairs very durable with a weight capacity of up to 1,000 pounds. Resin folding chairs are made for indoor or outdoor use, anti-static, lightweight, easy to clean and easy to store as one can fold flat to a 2.75-inch thickness. The waterproof vinyl seats are detachable for easy cleaning.

Resin folding chairs are the ultimate multi-purpose event chairs. Whether you need chairs for formal indoor or outdoor weddings, confirmations, graduations, or receptions, these resin folding ones will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any situation. Resin chairs are typically available in neutral colors like white, black, gray, and beige.

Wood Folding Chairs
Wood folding chairs add a touch of style and grace to events. Wood chairs are composed of a solid beech wood construction. The beauty of these folding chairs is you can order them in a wide variety of wood tones and lacquer finishes such as natural wood, fruitwood, red mahogany, black, and white. Wooden church chairs are offered with matching wood color toned vinyl seats that are removable and washable.

Wood folding chairs are ergonomically designed to provide a curved back angle for optimum seating comfort and a safer seating position. Some wood chairs come with a limited warranty. You can also purchase ganging clips and waterproof multi-chair storage covers for additional versatility.

Folding Tables
Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of folding chairs, you'll probably need some tables too. Folding tables come in all sort of shapes and sizes, so first off you need to have a good idea of what size space you will be working in.

A standard rectangle plastic folding table is 30 inches wide by 60 inches long. Longer tables are available in lengths of 72 inches or 96 inches. Rectangular tables take up less space than round ones, so opt for this style of table when you have room or storage space constraints. Rectangular tables are good for classrooms, charity sales, cafeterias, and most other general purpose table settings.

You can also opt to purchase round folding tables. Round ones are available in 48, 72, and 96 inches. These tables make perfect banquet, reception or dinner tables because they have enough room for table decorations, several dishes of food, and quite a few people can fit comfortably around the table. Either size table is available in a plastic finish or unfinished wood top. You will need to use table cloths with the latter as the screws show through the clear coated top finish. The clear coat finish will prevent table cloth snags and splinters.

Chair Storage & Transportation
Waterproof storage bags are available for either resin or wood folding chairs. The storage bags hold four chairs and are made of a heavy duty, reinforced military surplus material to prevent bag breakage. Straps and a buckle make it easy to secure chairs in the bag and transport several to different places in your church.

A steel folding chair dolly or a hanging folding chair truck makes it easy to transport and store your folding chairs when not in use. Each one is equipped with wheels for easy mobility and holds about 50 chairs.

This information is courtesy of www.ChurchChairs4Less.com.

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