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Speakers Meet Both Sound and Appearance Needs

The congregation of the First Baptist Church of Dimmitt, Texas, is justly proud of its older sanctuary, which features a great deal of handcrafted walnut trim. So, when it was decided to upgrade the church's sound system to overcome some existing problems, it was as important that the new system's equipment match the aesthetic appearance of the sanctuary as it was for it to faithfully project the sound of the words and music of the services.
The system's designer and installer, Troubadour Solutions, led by Dr. Scott Weaver, outlined several possible systems to meet the church's needs.  The only one that was able to meet the congregation's three criteria essential for success––clarity and speech intelligibility, elimination of existing feedback problems and blending the system into the existing church decor––was one that incorporated Bag End speakers. The speakers offered superior sound, and their wooden cabinets offered the opportunity to fit into the church's decor.

"Bag End was the only brand of speaker from the options we considered that offered natural wood cabinets. This allowed us the ability to stain the cabinets to match the wooden beams in our sanctuary," said First Baptist's Worship Leader Barry Hazel.
Troubadour Solutions ensured the quality of the sound by building the system around Bag End's Gem Series speakers and an Allen & Heath 48-channel ML 3000 mixing board. It ensured the appearance of the system to the church's décor by bringing in a staining booth and an experienced woodworker to carefully match the speaker cabinets to the walnut trim.
"We were able to match all of the front of house elements to the existing wood trim," said Weaver.
The congregation members were also happy with the sound. One congregation member told Weaver, "If it doesn't sound good, my husband will be back here to tell you about it!" The husband never came to see him, but the message was relayed to Weaver, "I could hear everything perfectly!"
The sound system includes two Bag End Crystal time-align loudspeakers, one Bag End P-D18E-AD very high output self-powered INFRA subwoofer system, and two Bag End TA6000-I compact speech range loudspeakers. The installation also included FBT monitors and QSC amplifiers, as well as the Allen & Heath 48-channel ML 3000 mixing board.
"The Allen & Heath mixing board is very user-friendly and easy to operate," said Weaver. "We prefer it for churches, where there usually aren't trained engineers to handle the mixing."
The installation, including the staining of the speaker cabinets and construction of the AV tech booth was completed without a problem, according to Weaver.

Troubadour Solutions installation team member Steve Weatherford, who is also a well-respected gospel performer, said, "This is one of the top five sound systems I have ever heard, including some involving much larger budgets."

BAG END Loudspeaker Systems is about to enter its fourth decade of manufacturing professional quality loudspeaker systems and components, www.bagend.com.

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