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Amping Up a Sound System

When Messenger Media Systems of Covington, Georgia, was called in to do the audio for the New Life Church, the primary challenge was providing a powerful system for a spacious sanctuary on a limited budget.

As Senior Systems Engineer Christopher Bragg, puts it, "The client had purchased an old high school that they used for administrative offices and built a large sanctuary behind it."

He said, "It was a 2,000-seat church, and they only had $100,000 for the audio system because they'd spent a lot of money up front for conduits and other infrastructure they didn't end up using."

Bragg went on to describe the challenges: "Acoustically, the room is difficult. There are lots of straight walls and hard surfaces, and we didn't have the budget for acoustic treatment at that point. That was the main difficulty, working on a small budget for a room that size."

Continuing, Bragg says, "They wanted an aggressive (i.e., loud) system for Gospel music with electric instrumentation. So, we chose Renkus-Heinz STX7 speakers in an exploded cluster with two main speakers in the middle and sidefills of STX4s, SGX 151s as a delay ring and an existing cluster of JBL 4212s for the downfills."

For the critically important amplification to drive the system, Bragg chose Face Audio. Based in Sandy, Utah, Face Audio engineers power amplifiers that offer superlative audio performance, solid reliability and exceptional value. Founded in 2001, the company's dedication to excellence is evident in the number of Face Audio products that play a critical role in leading tours, installations, music and theatrical applications.

Bragg said, "They provide exceptional performance in pushing the speakers and it's a solid amp that sounds great at a price you can't beat. We used four F700TS and three F1200TS Titanium Series amps to push the delay ring and the main clusters."

Additionally, he said, "Face also had a good advancement replacement policy and a solid warranty program that allowed us to make the client feel comfortable about a brand they didn't know as well. And, given their value and performance, a lot more people will know who Face Audio is real soon. Bottom line, it sounds great, it's really loud and we have one very impressed customer."

For more about Face Audio, visit them online at www.faceaudio.com.

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