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Creating a “One-Stop-Shop” Wellness Facility

Your church facility doesn't only have to be a place where the community comes to practice religion and listen to church leaders. While those things definitely have a positive impact on their lives, you can also affect every aspect of their well-being. By implementing outdoor fitness equipment, you can create a fitness area to harness and develop what the Greeks called, "The Golden Mean"—the mind, body, and spirit. Inspiring church members to be healthier together mentally, physically, and spiritually will not only create a shared sense of community, but you will be helping church members live a fuller, more meaningful life overall.

By increasing levels of exercise or even just inspiring people to start, you can help your community members achieve a more positive attitude in life. Regular exercise has been linked to higher levels of focus, increased productivity, and a more positive energy. Exercise also helps people reach a deeper stage of sleep consistently, which usually results in a more energized attitude during the day and helps them to be more open towards the messages during the service.

Higher levels of focus, increased productivity, and a more positive attitude can greatly improve a person's self-esteem and self-value. Try pairing a fitness program with one of your church's counseling programs, too. When combined, your church counseling service and fitness program can really change lives for the better.

In addition to the mental benefits of exercise, there is also the obvious benefit you can provide church community members with—physical fitness. By implementing machines like Air Walkers, Stationary Bikes, Cross Country Ski Machines, or Elliptical Trainers, members can greatly improve cardiovascular fitness. All of these fitness machines are low impact on the knees, hips, and joints so they are perfect for people of all ages, skill levels, and sizes. Most machines are also available in side by side models, creating a fun environment to workout with partners and also building a strong sense of community.

Fitness machines that focus on things like flexibility and joint strength are ideal for the elderly but also beneficial for anyone, especially if they have had problems with these areas. Sometimes sitting during a church service can cause discomfort to hips, joints, or the back. Exercise equipment like the Back Stretcher, Tai Chi Spinners, or Horizontal Bars would be very helpful to implement so members can use the equipment to stretch before or after the service. Even equipment like sit-up benches, when used regularly, can help strengthen core muscle groups to help decrease back pains experienced during the service.

Regularly using exercise machines that target specific muscle groups will also help people strengthen and tone the targeted muscles, help burn off unwanted body fat in that area, and can help build and strengthen bones. The Chest Press, Lat Pull Down, and Butterfly Machine are just a few examples of machines that are configured to help strengthen and tone specific muscle groups. Most outdoor fitness machines enable users to utilize their own weight as resistance, making the workout specific to a person's strength and ability levels. Other pieces of fitness equipment like Horizontal Ladders, Parallel Bars, and Uneven Bars allow users to perform body weight exercises like pull-ups, dips, leg lifts, and much more. The simplicity of this fitness equipment makes them more versatile because it allows users to modify the exercise to target a specific muscle, vary the range of motion, or simply change the exercise to give their body something different. All of these fitness machines will greatly help those who choose to use them, and might even inspire other church members who have never exercised before, to start.

Church is naturally a place that people associate with spirituality. It is a place to connect with the inner self, make time to practice a faith of choice, reflect upon the day, or think about life in general. But, the inside of a church doesn't have to be the only place church members can reflect. Exercise has proven for many to be a great outlet to reflect upon inner thoughts. Being physically fit isn't easy. In fact, it often requires mental toughness, mental training, and mental endurance. Learning how to motivate yourself can provide a feeling of deep spirituality, and can also help people feel more in touch with themselves.

Fitness programs inspire people to set goals and create plans to reach them. By having a goal and determining the steps to reaching it, people gain a sense of accomplishment and higher self worth, especially when that goal is finally reached. Implementing various pieces of fitness equipment around your church facility can be the tools that your church members need to achieve their goals.

By implementing outdoor fitness equipment at your church facility, you aren't creating a standard gym with four walls as limitations. You're creating an outdoor fitness area surrounded by Mother Nature. There is something about the beauty and simplicity of the outdoors that connects people to their spirituality.

For some, church is merely a place to focus on religion. But, if you can make it a place where people can cultivate their overall well-being, why wouldn't you? Enhancing your community's mental disposition, physical fitness level, and spiritual well-being will not only make your church facility an all-around wellness center, but it will exponentially change lives. 

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