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The Great Commission Technology Revolution
By: Chad Scalf

The mission field is literally right outside our church doors.  Even though the vast majority of Americans identify themselves as Christian, fewer and fewer in our society are active in their faith. 

A typical community has fewer than 15 percent attending any church on any given Sunday.  Not surprisingly, people are hurting. Yet, inside the walls of our churches, we're preaching the answer. 

If only there was a way to spread the Gospel message further!

As an agency, we have been involved in religious broadcasting for more than 30 years. And, I have never seen a greater opportunity for the local church in fulfilling the Great Commission than right now.  

It's as if all the elements of the broadcast industry have aligned for such a time as this. The audience, production and media opportunities are all ripe for ministry.

Television stations have already amassed the audience for you. More people are watching more television than ever before. The latest Nielsen numbers show that the average person watches more than five hours every single day. 

Three times as many people are watching television on Sunday morning than sitting in a pew. 

Through television, you can preach the Gospel to the elderly shut-in, those of different faiths, those who feel trapped by their life's decisions, people who might never feel comfortable enough to actually walk through your doors, those who might not respond to a door hanger or a flashing church sign, or simply those who were never invited.

Through television, you can reach the seemingly unreachable.

Improvements in technology have created enormous opportunity for the local church. What was once only available to well-financed national ministries is virtually open to any church today. 

Production has never been cheaper, easier, and of higher quality than right now. 

There is no longer a production barrier to entry. And, gratefully, the local church no longer has to be ashamed of the quality that they can produce in-house. 

In fact, most large churches have the basic equipment infrastructure and staff to produce broadcast quality programs already.

We haven't seen such an abundance of quality media opportunities in decades. The number of stations in each market is at its peak. 

And, with the national ministries migrating to national cable channels, the infomercial industry struggling through this economy, and the stations looking to reduce their own programming costs, we are finding amazing time periods for tremendous values.  

Imagine the influence your message can have by being on the highest-rated stations with some of the best lead-in programs available. Local church programs have typically never had access to these types of availabilities and at such affordable rates.

But, best of all, television works! 

We are seeing churches experience consistent double-digit growth rates, baptizing thousands of new believers every year, and adding multiple sites faster than ever imagined. 

Technology gives us the ability to virtually tear down the walls of your church, opening the Gospel message to everyone in your community. I hope you'll join the revolution.

Chad Scalf is president of The Lloyd Daniel Corporation, a media agency since 1981 that helps some of the largest national ministries and some of the fastest growing churches find success in media, www.dynamicchurchgrowth.com.


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