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Untapped Potential of the Annual Budget
By: Dr. Robert S. Hallett

Can you identify with this comment of a concerned church leader? "You cannot tell the mission of our church by looking at our budget. We say our mission is evangelism, but our budget for our evangelistic efforts is miniscule."

Let's be real if the budget does not fund the church's ministries according to its mission, then there is a major disconnect between what the church says and what the church does. That is neither effective nor efficient ministry. Nor is it good stewardship of the trust of the church people who have given to facilitate the very ministry that is not being funded properly.

The church's annual budget has long been denied its potential and true role in making the ministries of the church to be both effective and efficient. To evaluate the efficiency of your own church budget, take the free Budget Efficiency Quiz at www.TLCChurchResources.com

What if the church's budget were to be instrumental in helping the church realize its full potential in its ministry efforts, and to energize its people in accomplishing that ministry? And what if the annual budget could lead the way in both making and developing disciples?

Does this sound like a misfit for a budget that is just a way to pay the bills of the church? Yes, if that is all the church perceives the purpose of its annual budget to be. The potential of the annual budget, however, is much greater than just paying the bills.

The true potential of the church's annual budget is to make sure that the ministries of the church are both designed and funded according to the mission of the church. In essence, the church budget is the protector of the church's mission! It also helps to focus the ministries of the church so they are corralled around the primary thrust of the church's mission. Otherwise all the good but non-focused ministries of the church will siphon enough energy off the primary ministries as to make them less than effective, and often results in burnout and overloading the people.

The VisionBudget was developed as a way to connect the church's mission, money, and ministries. It is not a software program. It is a church development process whereby the church defines its mission and vision, where the ministries of the church are developed in a purposeful fashion according to its mission and vision, and where those ministries are funded in a priority order according to its mission and vision.

The VisionBudget goes far beyond an administrative exercise. It includes a proven format to enlist and assign the volunteers within the church so they serve with passion in the areas that are of interest to them, and for which they are qualified. It does not stop with a good idea it takes that idea into the trenches of ministry where disciples are developed and matured while serving in significant areas. Those who serve in the areas of their interests and strengths have a much lower potential for burnout, because their ministry efforts will energize them.

If you want to have focused and funded ministry that is true to your church's mission and vision, and ministry that is being fulfilled by energetic and committed disciples, then the VisionBudget may be able to help your church. When it is all done, you should be able to tell what the mission of your church is by looking at your budget. That makes for an invigorated church that is both effective and efficient.

The VisionBudget is an 82 page download that is designed to be self-led by the leaders of the church. It maintains an effective balance between providing enough detail to give the church leaders what they need to incorporate the VisionBudget in their own church without losing sight of the big picture of where they are going. Check it out at www.Vision-Budget.com

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