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What Is Your Pulpit Personality?

Is your church traditional or contemporary, emerging or a blend?

Is your preaching style formal or informal?

No matter what form your services take, you'll probably be standing behind more than the main points of your sermon on Sunday. You'll also be firmly planted behind a pulpit.

The pulpit is more than a piece of furniture. It is the focal point of your church. Your choice of a pulpit and other altar furnishings or church furniture should proclaim a message.

It should welcome your congregation and command their attention. It should set an example of quality and dignity.

The best choice for your church depends on the nature of your ministry. Consider both how and when you use your pulpit.

Do you keep your platform arrangement the same from week to week?

Do you move things around to accommodate a drama ministry, a choir or musicians?

Then consider how the pulpit and altar furnishings will enhance your ministry.

Finally, consider what kind of pulpit the preaching minister needs as well as what the congregation and visitors may expect.


Finely crafted and high quality hardwood and veneer pulpit furniture makes a statement even before the preacher utters a word.

Wood pulpits are available in a wide range of styles and finishes to coordinate with the architectural style and elements of your building. Popular styles include Ornate, Gothic, Traditional and Colonial.

Wood pulpits vary widely in both size and design. Choices include open pulpits, fully enclosed pulpits with storage, pulpits with and without wings, and solid-base pulpits.

Many models feature a book rest on top or inside. Some models offer an adjustable-height book rest great for use by multiple speakers.


Transparent acrylic pulpits are becoming increasingly popular among ministers who wish to minimize the sense of separation between themselves and the congregation.

Acrylic pulpits are also versatile and fit in well with a variety of decors. You can also combine the look of wood and acrylic with pulpits that feature acrylic panels etched with a design.


Sunday night may be your more informal service or your less well-attended time when you like to be closer to the congregation.

In these situations, a non-sound wood lectern may provide the flexibility and portability you need without sacrificing the sophistication and good looks of a pulpit. A lectern is also a lower cost alternative to a full pulpit.

If you need to proclaim your message to a large group of people, consider a sound lectern. Choices include laminate, solid wood or veneer lecterns with built-in sound systems.

These lecterns cover audiences ranging in size from 1,000 up to 7,500 or more. Many sound lecterns are also wireless-ready, so you can use a wireless handheld or clip-on microphone to step out and mingle with your audience.


While the pulpit is the centerpiece of your sanctuary, you may also need other items of furniture to complete your setting.

You can create a harmonious, uniform look for your church by choosing a pulpit that is part of a coordinated chancel group.

In this way, you can be assured of consistent quality, construction and design, as well as matching finishes.

Most chancel groupings include communion tables, flower stands and pulpit seating.

In many cases, additional accessories such as prayer desks, baptismal fonts, offering tables, tithe boxes and hymn boards are also available.

This information is courtesy of ATD American, www.atdamerican.com.

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