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CD/DVD Duplicators
By: Clement Hua

Many churches today are searching for the best pro-audio device to suit their needs.

There are few things that churches do that involve new technology in the pro-audio, special concert productions, and also regular sermons.

Remember the days you went to see Christmas, Easter, and other holiday events held at churches, and, at the end, wished you could have a copy of that concert as a souvenir?

When we leave churches, we do like to take with us the sermon of the pastor and music as a memory.

This is where churches are using media duplicators to copy their sermon and music to the attendees. Churches not only use duplicators for their attendees, but also for their everyday uses.

Nowadays, you see more churches doctrine using these devices to copy their sermon/music in multiple copies. Churches have people who manage their pro-audio system, and they're always looking for better devices to suit their needs.

Not only are the churches' doctrine is using it, but also religious bookstores sometimes have the need of carrying a duplicator to copy/backup media.

How can a duplicator benefit church doctrine and/or religious bookstores?

Take, for example, houses of worship doing sermons, music and special events, which they sometimes have the need of a duplicator to reproduce those event either on CD/DVD or USB media.

As another example, religious bookstore also likes to carry these devices for their uses as well as selling them to their clients.

This is where duplicators come into churches and religious bookstore life. It is an easy-to-use device and can copy from one to multiple targets. Churches have choices of devices to use, such as CD/DVD duplicator or USB duplicator.

Can anyone with no knowledge operate these devices?

Yes, because of the simple, user-friendly interface, you just have to insert your master media and targets into the machine, and it is ready to be copied. The duplicator is built as a stand-alone unit. There is no need of PC connection, thus no malware; viruses will be copied onto your targets media.

Can I run the device 24/7?

Yes, because duplicators are build to run 24/7 for the pro-audio business. The super performance of the duplicator is awesome, fast, and it gives you the copies you need in no time.

Will the device take lots of space?

No, the device is approximately the same size as a regular computer desktop. No wiring is needed except the power cord to plug in, and it's ready to copy.

What are the key points of a CD/DVD duplicator?

First, we all hate turning our computer on and sitting there to copy CDs/DVDs one by one.

Sometimes, software freezes and doesn't copy the disc properly; thus, it is a waste of a disc."

So, this is where we are looking for a standalone unit that we can turn on and just burn our CD/DVD, just like a regular CD/DVD player. We insert, press "enter," and the operation will start.

Second, because of PC used when you copy a CD/DVD from a regular PC, you get the viruses and malware being copied to your targets CD. This is why having a standalone duplicator eliminates the issues of viruses and malware.

Finally, after the burning process, the CD/DVD duplicator can compare to make sure that all data from your master is being copied onto your targets CD. When using a computer, you do not have this feature.

What are the key points of a USB duplicator?

USB duplicators are also used in the media production, because you can store so much data into a USB, as they now come up to 128GB as of today.

USB duplicators can copy/compare data at the same rate, and it also can be used a testing device.

Also, the burn process is quick and efficient.

Clement Hua is public relations/marketing specialist for EZ Dupe, www.ezdupe.com.

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