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A How-To Guide on Projector Lamp Replacement

Projector lamps come with a limited life span, much like any other incandescent light bulb. Typically, these bulbs will last anywhere between 2,000 to 6,000 hours depending on the type of projector and how it is used. However, one good sign that it is time for projector lamp replacement is when the bulb begins to dim and the picture clarity is affected. The next practical and rewarding step is a projector lamp replacement program.

The most important aspect of maintaining your projector is to ensure that you opt for a good projector lamp replacement program. There are several dealers who offer such programs and will take care of all your replacement worriesóright from sourcing the right bulb to replacing the lamp, as well as disposing the lamp in an environmentally friendly manner.

While most houses of worship prefer to undertake projector lamp replacement themselves, there are professionals who will do the same at no additional cost. It is always preferable to take the services of a lamp replacement expert. This ensures the process is carried out safely and securely with no chance of damage to the projector or bulb. Most importantly, this will also ensure that the projector bulbs are disposed of in the prescribed manner as they are classified as hazardous waste.

Before you purchase a replacement lamp, always check if it is compatible with the projector's brand. Sometimes, two projector models made by the same manufacturer will require different bulbs. In addition, purchasing a refurbished model will save you significantly. There are several projectors that also make use of mercury lamps under high pressure. If these lamps are handled incorrectly, there might be a chance of these lamps exploding. Since mercury is a heavy metal, it could have some undesirable effects on your surroundings. Also, when installing a new lamp, it must be handled with the utmost care. Improper handling while undertaking projector lamp replacement might damage the bulb and it might reduce the life of your lamp.

When choosing a projector lamp replacement vendor consider the following:

* Are they offering high quality lamps? To ensure that you are offered the best quality projector lamps, purchase OEM projector lamps or lamps that meet or exceed OEM standards.
* To avoid long delays in your projector lamp replacement, choose a company with a huge inventory of various lamp types for faster delivery.
* Compare pricing because oftentimes the vendor will match the lowest price. 
* Do they care about the environment? Most reputable companies will help you eliminate the hassle and cost of hazardous disposal of old replacement projector bulbs.  Replacement projector bulbs containing hazardous materials are recycled through a certified waste management company, saving you costs.
* Do they offer additional services? Most places will offer projector alignment, maintenance and replacement projector bulb installation solutions.

Having this knowledge will give you the benefit to compare the offerings of many different dealers and choose the best one.

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