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Leveraging the Power of Media for Effective Outreach
By: Jim Schubert

As most of us know and statisticians confirm, the average American is bombarded with tens of thousands of media-driven messages a day through numerous devices. Based on the historical trend, these exposure levels are not slowing down anytime soon, and, in fact, all indications point to an increase in the content, pace, and frequency.

Just the other day, I read an article about special glasses now being tested that allow you to receive and read your emails as they appear on your lenses.

In the fictional (or perhaps more accurately categorized as a docu-drama) movie Minority Report, futuristic technology was introduced that allows advertisers to conduct a retina-scan as you enter a building and flash you with personalized messages based on purchase habits and history, demographics, and other spooky intel "They" may be gathering and storing.

As unsettling this may be, the good news is that biblical prophecy is unfolding according to plan with some prophecy scholars proclaiming that the mark of the beast is already in place.

With all things in this world created by God or created by man through Divine intelligence, our free will determines how creation and invention is used for good or evil.

Media is a perfect example of this reality, specifically the media's influencing power and how it can be leveraged to advance God's Kingdom or provide Satan with more weapons of destruction. 

One of the oldest and most influential media forms is the big screen and the motion picture. Fast forward to an age where society is controlled by and addicted to the Internet, smart phones, HD, and YouTube.com, along with a host of other content sources delivered through the latest sci-fi-like electronic gizmos.

From the devastating effects of pornography to life-saving impact of Christian films, media content "on-demand" is the present and future, delivering anything, anytime, anywhere. 

Let's focus on the positive attributes of media and praise God for this amazing tool we have to use for reaching the lost, the helpless, and the hopeless.

Hosting a Movie Night at your church has proven to be one of the most effective means of sharing the Gospel. People love going to movies, and the fact is that some people who would never step foot in a church will go to a movie night at church, school, or local community center. Based on our experience and testimonials we receive from our films, we see the grace of God using our films to bring people to Christ almost daily.

And, it's not just at these church hosted movie events but also in other para-churches and ministries where we see people getting saved.

I recently received a testimony from a prison ministry partner who shared that after hosting two Pure Flix films, "Encounter" and "Blink of An Eye," that "approximately 15 inmates came forward to receive Christ and another 20 rededicated their lives to the Lord." 

A "Movie Ministry" utilizing quality and relevant Christian films is an affordable, content-safe outreach option that has other residual benefits, such as introducing churches to new members. Most producers offer marketing and promotional tools and often relevant studies or discussion guides.

An effective movie ministry is a great resource for counteracting the culture wars now raging for the eternal hearts minds and souls of every human being evil does not discriminate against age, race, or gender. 

Start a movie ministry in your church or community today and watch how God uses this medium to save lives, restore marriages, and defeat the devils strongholds.

Jim Schubert is with Pure Flix Entertainment, LLC and Pure Flix Movie Ministries, www.PureFlixMinistry.com.

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