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Making Your Church a Powerful High-Tech Beacon of Light
By: Michael F. Haverluck

Presentation is everything.

You can have the greatest message in the world, but, if you don't know how to present it, its power will be lost — forever.

Power Tools to Build the Church
Today, modern technology has enabled pastors, worship leaders, and congregants from every walk to give and take more than ever before when it comes to service presentations.

Computers and mobile devices have now become indispensible tools that help maximize the church experience — bringing it to a whole new level.

The latest in church presentation software not only makes it easy for pastors and worship leaders to put together services like never before; depending on your package, it lets congregations take in messages and worship the way that works best for them — whether it's on their phones, tablets, or church screens.

Live Web videos, sermon slides, photos, infographics, Bible verses, song lyrics, seasonal welcoming or event slides, and Internet links are just some of the multimedia that can be pulled into today's church presentations.

Nuts and Bolts from the Pulpit and Stage
The comfort food of church visuals. For many of us old-timers, all the church visuals we have become so accustomed to over the decades past — such as Bible verses, song lyrics, and sermon notes — are now right there in basic church presentation software packages.

These advanced tools make life a lot easier and can be used without much prep work. No more silhouettes of mysterious hands sliding across overhead projectors. No more paper handouts.

Finding that transparency of that traditional Christmas song is no longer an annual adventure. Today, recall of your favorite song lyrics is made simple, and step-by-step wizards make it a breeze to import lyrics, as well as personal text files.

Sermon notes and announcements are now simple with the help of text tools that can be used for rich-text editing. Displaying Scripture verses is now quick and efficient — Bible libraries searchable by keyword or passage make the process simple.

A Utility Belt of Features
If you're one of those people who always needs all the bells and whistles when purchasing a car, church presentation software is for you. Packages include all you could ever need to help make your church service the most spiritually stimulating experience possible — and one that's seamless and surprisingly simple to put together. So, strap it all on.

Want to preach from your iPad or Android tablet, posting your sermon notes alongside your presentation slides for your eyes only? You don't have to wait. Want to choose from 10,000+ backgrounds for your slides? They're available.

Looking to have the most vibrant and engaging digital displays for sermon introductions, Bible verses, references, and songs? They're at your fingertips. Are you a pastor who'd like to control every aspect of your service on your feet with a swipe or a touch? Do it. What if you could use your iPhone or Android phone to control your services? You can.

And that's not all, folks.

How would you like to use a cloud-synced app that lets church staff and congregants follow along during sermon prep and services from their iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Macs and PCs?

Weave dynamic infographics, detailed maps, elaborate graphics, high-resolution photos, choice YouTube footage, live Web pages and videos, multi-monitor interfaces, and tens of thousands of Christian resources from massive digital libraries seamlessly into your presentation.

The extent of what you present is no longer limited to resources within your church walls — with today's cutting-edge church presentation software, you can harness and display information from around the globe in seconds.

A New — or Old — Addition?
As much of pastors' time goes into building up their congregations, they have very little time to start all over and build a new presentation package every time a new presentation need comes up. Or, let's say a pastor has already been using PowerPoint for his presentations for years and doesn't want to start from the ground up when adding new features into the mix.

Today's church presentation software allows for extensive integrations of the most popular multimedia tools and resources out there.

For those who use PowerPoint or would like to add this popular tool to their arsenal, church presentation software packages can easily import its files into services. Fond of CCLI SongSelect? You can now connect your account to easily import worship song lyrics. A Planning Center Online aficionado? No problem — just connect the account to your existing church software package to import presentations from plans with ease.

The list goes on.

High on Highway Media? Just integrate it to bring scores of new multimedia — from videos to illustrations — into your church. Have an awesome social-integrated all-digital study Bible that you want to explore with church staff and congregants? Bring it on and share. How about those who can't part with their Graceway Media accounts? Not to be left out…connect to Graceway Media and pull 10,000 presentation backgrounds into your presentations.

And if your worship team on stage is frustrated by having to view the same display as the congregation — with detailed motion backs behind large and sparse lyrics that make it difficult — church presentation software has the answer.

Some church presentation software developers now offer a stage display feature, which provides an additional output that allows for text tailored for easy reading on stage, along with simple black backgrounds — instead of attractive but cluttered backgrounds seen from the pews. As users control the confidence monitors, they can read and simultaneously send the presentation to as many screens as needed.

Entering the Construction Zone
Just like a new home buyer, churches looking to enter the church presentation software market have many things to consider before deciding on the perfect package on which to hang their hats.

Proclaim church presentation software by Logos Bible Software, www.proclaimonline.com, is a cloud-based platform to which all church staff subscribe with one license on their Macs or PCs, with rates based on church size. It can be used via Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android-enabled mobile devices.

EasyWorship church presentation software by Softouch Development, Inc., www.easyworship.com, is available via a license for each computer on which it is used, or through a site license. It's available on PC; a Mac version is coming soon.

Mediashout church presentation software by MediaComplete, LLC, www.mediashout.com, can be purchased for one computer or for a site license. It's for Macs and PCs alike.

So, once you've explored the possibilities and decided on the digital church building plan that best fits the needs of your church, don't forget to utilize all the powerful tools on your utility belt to unleash a revolutionary renovation to your ministry.

Today's church presentation software is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to vibrantly connect every member of your church with the Word of God.

Talk about church improvement.

Michael F. Haverluck is media relations manager for Logos Bible Software, www.logos.com

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