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2013 NACBA Conference

"Racing Toward Excellence" is the theme for the 57th National Conference of the National Association for Church Administration scheduled for July 11-15, 2013, at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

 The NACBA conference brings together administrative professionals from throughout the country for five days of networking and training. More than 150 church suppliers at the Trade Show and 80 church administration workshops provide networking and training that is unbeatable!

NACBA's National Conference makes it easy to create relationships and reconnect with church administrative leaders from across the country, while gaining valuable up-to-date information. Whether in the corridors, in the trade show, or in the minutes before or after the sessions, some of the best information is gained outside the formal meeting sessions in informal conversations.

NACBA has slated some of the brightest and best speakers—knowledgeable, creative, innovative leaders in their fields who come to share their wisdom and expertise with NACBA attendees. From workshops on tax and legal updates to workshops on technology and social media advancements, the NACBA conference has experts in their fields providing training and information. 

Each year NACBA gathers providers who demon¬strate and discuss their products and services first-hand. Each booth has representatives available to answer ques¬tions and provide information on innovations and developments in their products and services. The Trade Show offers resources and opportunities to negotiate costs.  In the same way, the conference provides exhibitors with the opportunity to meet and have valuable face-to-face conversations with decision-makers in the field of church administration.

Many repeat conference attendees say they keep coming back because of the friendships they have made at conference. With four lunches, an opening event, and a special event at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, there are great times to relax with your colleagues and families enjoying a meal together. Read the letter below from Linda Goodnough from Littleton, Colorado, to see the great value of the NACBA conference through the eyes of a first-timer:

The 2012 NACBA Conference in Houston was more than I could have imagined. As a newcomer, I was a little apprehensive because I didn't know what to expect nor did I know but just a handful of people. At the last minute, my husband had to back out of attending with me. At that point, I thought that this would be no fun at all, but…I was able to "room" with another attendee…and we had fun! The registration process was easy and the worker bees so welcoming and friendly; it put such a positive spin on the rest of the week.

The general sessions were both inspiring and informative; the break-out sessions were absolutely outstanding; the food was delicious, and the camaraderie was positively engaging. The knowledge shared during those break-out sessions was almost a brain overload. Presenters were able to pose difficult challenges that we face on a regular basis, break them down into components, and then address some of those issues with meaningful insights and solutions. I have already put into practice some of the solutions given to me during that week. Not only do I feel good about it, but my pastor and church council felt very good about it as well.

It wasn't all work, however. At night we were able to visit with vendors and learn of the new things going on in their worlds. We went to different restaurants to eat and just generally learned a lot about each other. We walked around a little, took in some of the sights, and shared a lot of laughs.

I understand it is a commitment, both financially and from a time management standpoint, but now is the time to start making plans. I am very much looking forward to attending conference next year and hope that you, too, will be able to experience all the positive energy surrounding this event.

Jennifer Childers, General Chair for the 2013 NACBA Conference says, "Charlotte and NASCAR have been connected throughout the history of auto racing, and that relationship is the driving force behind the theme for the 2013 NACBA national conference. Racing Toward Excellence emphasizes the drive needed to be the best. Qualities required to win in NASCAR—teamwork, flexibility, endurance and skill—also are necessary for us if we are to excel in our calling as church administrative professionals. The 2013 national conference will build excellence in all who attend. Come join us in Charlotte and experience the victory for yourself."

Early registration discounts are still available. Go to www.nacba.net/2013.

The National Association of Church Business Administration® (NACBA®) is an inter-denominational association of churches and individuals which exists to serve the church by promoting the highest level of professional competence in individuals serving Christ through administration in local churches.

If you are involved in any capacity with church administration, or if you desire a professional relationship with NACBA, there is a membership classification for you.

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