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How to Maximize the Church Office With A Minimal Staff
By: Brooke Pidgeon

I have visited church offices for close to 20 years now. As a youngster, I would ride alone with my Grandfather Pidgeon when he would visit church offices to discuss offertory solutions. Back then, it seemed like a small army of people performing the duties necessary to run an effective office. Nowadays, I would visit those same offices and see one maybe two people attempting to do the work of so many. What has happened is happening everywhere across our Great Land. Families are requiring both spouses to carry full-time jobs in order to maintain lifestyles. Instead of volunteering at the church, they are working. Finally, software has been developed to fill the void and accomplish more.

Most times, what is actually getting completed in the church office is the bare essentials. For example, the bulletin is being completed, the calls to and from the hospital are being made, incoming calls are being answered, and the weekly contributions are being recorded.

Before, there was staff available for specific aspects of ministry like personal communication or what we like to call church marketing. It seems churches feel comfortable in continuing communication with seasoned members but often lag behind in communicating with newer or less frequent members. Why? The answer is simple: time and the lack of readily available information. A web-based church management solution has been developed to generate instant useful information without any additional work. 

My great grandfather started manufacturing offering envelopes in 1917 because he saw a need. Today, my brother and I lead an incredible staff of over 100 employees to provide solutions to thousands of churches nationwide. Our solutions include offering envelopes, electronic giving, church management & marketing software along with increased giving programs.

Over 10 years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting a very progressive and aggressive pastor leading one of the largest churches in Ohio. He was in pursuit of making a decision as to who could provide him the most for the least. Fortunately, we began an ongoing relationship. We quickly learned he was no ordinary pastor, he was extraordinary. He would often text messages about a great idea and for me to call him when I got to work. He would mention a desire to communicate with current and past members, make it easier for his members to participate in activities and simply make communication easy. For fear of losing the offering envelope account, my father and I made it our mission to accommodate his needs.

Each time we left his church, we would debate whether we can perform the tasks necessary to satisfy his needs. We built a mass communication portal, instant obituary alerts, online membership portals and instant communication based on giving trends, just to name a few. As we built these services, we realized these tools could improve virtually all churches. 

Those visits were actually being used by The Lord to guide our business into the next stage of its life.

Over the past 10 years, we have expanded our offertory envelope business to now include proven electronic solutions. We see churches need two things: time and money. Church leaders need the time to effectively communicate in a personal manner and provide members with the spiritual fulfillment required. Once leaders are armed with technology tailored to personalize communication, there is no need to be concerned about financial support. Financial support comes as a result of members feeling they are part of your church family. Developing a spiritual culture that membership is proud to call home, generates unsolicited communication throughout your community. Christians are purposely placed in positions to use their spiritual beliefs for the betterment of others. Whether it is encouragement, support or direction, God requires us be available.

If members feel a part of something bigger and are proud of their church, they will use those opportunities to promote their church. Once membership is engaged, true growth will occur. As a company, we have learned the obstacles that face every church. Our goal and ultimately our solution to these obstacles were to create technology that will resolve these challenges by maximizing the efficiency of how daily users currently utilize their management software, gather that information and use it effectively to communicate. 

Our company provides offering envelopes for 35% less than industry standards, all the while providing the absolute finest products available. Our electronic solutions follow the same footprint. Call and discover how easy and effective our solutions can be. You will ask yourself why someone didn't think of this before.

Software is packaged denominational specific. The Catholic Church and Diocese utilizes Parish Support Management Software, www.parishsupport.com, and the Protestant Church utilizes Total Church Solutions Management Software, www.totalchurchsolutions.com. myEoffering, www.myEoffering.com, is designed to be utilized by all denominations.

Brooke Pidgeon is president of Church Budget Envelope and Mailing Company, Founder of myEoffering, Total Church Solutions and Parish Support.


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