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Event Design Ideas to Transform Your Space
By: Liese Gardner

Your religious facility has the arduous task to serve many purposes within a community. Along with being a place of worship, your church is also home to events and celebrations.

Having the capability to transform the look of your facility, of making it unique for each occasion, is key to creating excitement for each event, be it in worship, community events, wedding or other milestone celebrations. There are many things a savvy facility manager can do to transform a space that are cost-effective and simple to accomplish.

Lighting is one of the most important factors in transforming an environment of any type. It can be easily done depending on your skill, expertise and budget. A good handyman can help with a few store-bought fixtures and some professional lighting gels.

You can also work with your local party rental company who will have par cans, lighting gels, pinspots, and even lighting on a truss available. Finally, if the budget allows, you can hire a professional event lighting company.

For a sit-down lunch or dinner event, you may want to give some thought as to how to light up each table. Pinspotting each table is a great look if you have a larger budget, or there are lighting accents on the market today that can make tables glow minus all the equipment. The units come with internal LED lights in several colors that are battery-operated and can work for eight hours when fully charged.

Using Light to Send a Message
The addition of a logo, or the name of a celebrant, be it a christening or a wedding, can be easily created with gobos. The logo or name is cut into a metal plate, which the lighting professional then attaches to a lighting instrument. When the light shines through, the logo or name appears. Any professional event lighting designer or rental company will be able to create a custom logo for your needs.

Using Light as Décor
Illuminating inflatable shapes give you lighting and décor in one. Hi-Lights vary in size from 4 feet to over 15 feet. Installing Hi-Lights that are based on the ground is very easy. They don't require anything but a regular electric outlet. Suspended Hi-Lights require more trussing or rigging points. These are for those who would like the lit inflatables to hang from above, but prefer to avoid the cost of rigging.

Hi-Lights can also be used as a dramatic way to line an entranceway (with tusk shapes for example), and other Hi-Lights could be used as directionals at an event. The good thing about both lighting is these effects can be rented or purchased. When rented, you have more flexibility to create the look you want.

Either way, these effects give you the ability to transform your church space for any community ceremony and to transfer the church venue for special events enabling you to serve your community in an even more personal way.

Article Courtsey of Liese Gardner – Air Dimensional Design
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