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The Portable Tablet Kiosk
By: Brittney Good

In today's digital economy, tablets are one of the most influential tech gadgets and are quickly making their way into organizations for better communication and added convenience.

With the increasing development of communication, retail, social and business applications for these devices, many organizations can benefit from this interactive technology.

So, where does the tablet kiosk come into play?

The kiosk takes tablet technology and places it in an intelligently designed, robust stand to transform the tablet into a portable, yet sturdy kiosk an interaction point for your congregation. Tablet display stands are able to offer the same functionality as traditional kiosk systems by utilizing tablet technology to create a lightweight, sleek and relatively maintenance-free interactive display solution.

Tablet display stands can be used in your organization for a variety of purposes. The stands are portable, versatile, and, best of all, multi-purpose. These interactive kiosks are perfectly suited for a variety of ministry objectives, including on-site and off-site donations, sign-ups, calendars, and a variety of information sharing applications.

They are lightweight and portable, providing you with the opportunity to transport them to various events, social activities, and public performances that your church may be holding; the possibilities are endless! Tablet kiosks provide your congregation with an interactive experience that is easy to use and compatible with many pre-made applications.

Here are three reasons you should consider a tablet kiosk for your congregation.

1. Portable
Most tablet kiosk stands are designed from the ground up to be lightweight and portable, which make them easy to transport to various events, or different locations within the church. A good tablet display stand will easily assemble and disassemble in minutes, which make it easy to set up by anyone, in any situation.

With easy portability, you are able to accept donations and share information at events, social activities, or performances your church may be holding; this provides opportunity for "in the moment" donations at special events.  

2. Ease of Use
Tablet display stands allow easy configuration of the tablet for a variety of uses. They are easy to set up and some can accept a variety of tablets, making it easy for you to choose which tablet is perfect for your organization.

Generally, tablets are user-friendly, which provides you with the opportunity to set up the tablet how you see fit to meet your congregation's needs. Tablets are easy to use, which makes it simple for members of your congregation to give tithes and offerings, schedule events, share information, or any other uses you see fit!

3. Do More with Less
Using your preferred tablet device, you are able to build a versatile and interactive kiosk system without the high costs associated with a traditional kiosk. Tablet display stands provide the perfect small footprint solution for your church. They take up a small amount of space and are extremely versatile for a variety of uses.

Tablet kiosks play a significant role in providing an access point for members of your congregation. There are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing a tablet display stand for your organization.

    Make sure the display stand is lightweight but also sturdy. Different manufacturers use different materials and assembly components. A high-quality display will be lightweight yet extremely sturdy.
    Look for carrying case options to ensure easy storage and portability of the display stand.
    Ensure that the stand is easy to assemble; look for online videos, manual downloads, and full support.
    To guarantee that your tablet kiosk is "future-friendly," make sure that it offers multi-tablet support. You never know when you'll want to use a different tablet!
    Obviously, aesthetics and sleek design matter. You want to ensure members of your congregation find the kiosk approachable; the design reflects highly on your organization as a whole.

Tablet display stands are lightweight, versatile, and multi-purpose. They offer your congregation a new interactive experience that can be used for a variety of purposes. Look for portable, easy-to-use, award-winning product lines to guarantee that you are using the best tablet display stand for your ministry objectives.

Brittney Good guides marketing initiatives at Armodilo Display Solutions, a multiple award winning, premium tablet display manufacturer, www.armodilo.com.

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