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Let Your Church Sign Reflect Who You Are
By: Stacy Strom

Every year, millions of people worldwide pledge to do things a little better in the New Year. In 2014, the most popular resolutions are to lose weight, volunteer to help others, get a better education and save money (USA.gov).

What resolutions did your church make this year?

Whether it is to grow your congregation, spread God's Word in your community or simply to improve your church's appearance, there is one surefire way to make sure these goals are achieved - a new church sign.

A church sign is your first impression to those driving by. Whether we like it or not, people judge a book by its cover and your sign is your church's cover.

What impression is your current sign giving to those passing by? Does it accurately reflect who you are as a church? Does it entice people to stop in?

Members and non-members alike are reading your church sign, and they are reading more than the words placed on it. These people are making judgments about what your church may be like. 

The appearance of your sign, its graphics, and condition all tell people something about what is happening inside the church. Are you communicating the right message? A dingy, yellowing or old sign may be giving the wrong impression and turning people away rather than drawing them in. 

A church sign with attractive identifying graphics, a clean exterior and enticing message may be just what your church needs in order to keep your New Year's resolutions.

Think about it...have you ever stopped to eat at a new restaurant that has an old, discolored and dirty sign? Does it make you think that their food will be of the same quality? Your community may be reacting to your church sign in the same way.

Exciting things are taking place inside of your church, and your sign should reflect that. Entice potential new members to visit your church for the first time by communicating to them what is going on inside.

Are you a young, vibrant congregation celebrating God's blessings? If so, an eye-catching, and dare we say flashy, LED sign may be the right choice. Are you a traditional, conservative congregation looking to spread God's Word through evangelism and stewardship?  If this is the case, a changeable letter sign with elegantly designed identification graphics might be right for you.  

Resolutions in the New Year are all about changing the way we project ourselves. Our goals to lose weight or volunteer to help others assist us in feeling good about the way we project ourselves to those around us. A new sign can do the same for your church. Project the true spirit of your church to the community around you. Let them know who you are on the inside and succeed in keeping those resolutions to grow your congregation and spread God's Word.

Stacy Strom is advertising coordinator at Stewart Signs, www.stewartsigns.com.

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