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Use Group Messaging to Reach Your Ministry in New Ways

 A hundred years ago, church was the epicenter of any town. Cities have since expanded, with fragmented communities presenting more challenges to stay connected, but the church is often still the glue that holds busy congregants together.

While this expanding fast-paced world has led to a more physically disconnected society, it has also given rise to technologies to help bridge the gap virtually. Congregation members may be spread out across a greater distance, with different lives and priorities, but communication has never been better. One key technology proven successful for bringing many church communities together is mobile text messaging.

Connecting with your congregants in a real and personal way can happen instantly with a text message. Whether it's youth group trip reminders, donation requests, event reminders or even daily inspirational messages, there are a tools on the market that easily create a more unified and engaged community without requiring often tedious and time consuming tactics such as email marketing and phone call lists. The best part is you can use these tools in multiple ways, both traditional and unconventional.

Jumpstart Fundraising

Anyone who is an active participant or leader in a religious organization understands the importance of fundraising. Group-messaging tools are great ways to make fundraising a more efficient and effect revenue driver, enabling development officers or other ministry representatives to send immediate, consistent and frequent messaging right to members' phones.

Reminder messages for special fundraising events are the perfect way to increase attendance and participation. It's also a quick means to obtain and organize volunteers. This technology allows for real-time responses that increase engagement, which will ultimately lead to a much more successful event.

Reach Your Youth

A recent study from Pew Research Center showed that 78 percent of all teens now have a cell phone, and almost half (47 percent) of those own a smartphone. One of the most obvious ways to use group messaging in your community is to reach youth members who seem to always be tethered to their cell phones. Texting is the best way to notify youth members of events, cancellations, or even throw a shout out to exemplary members. Consider using group messaging to instantly push quick updates to parents when kids are away on outings or at events.

Engage Congregants in Untraditional Ways

Group messaging is a modern means of communication to really reach members on a whole new level. Sending daily scripture, inspiration or prayer requests is something that was never before possible. Easily segment your community for tailored messages to target specific bible study groups, committees, prayer circles or even those away from church at school or serving in the armed forces.

Mason Randall, student outreach pastor at Lake Pointe Church near Dallas, used Ez Texting with his skateboarding outreach ministry to grow his members by 25 percent. He uses the service to blast out messages at strategic times to nearly 350 students. Randall actively tries to catch students at opportune times like lunchtime, and encourages them to text questions during sermons. He expects this new form of communication to spread into the adult community quickly as he observes a rapid adoption of smartphone technology.

The world may seem a lot bigger than it used to be, but it's actually easier than ever to communicate. It's hard to believe, but with today's group messaging options, it's possible to create a stronger church community than ever before, as long as you have the right tools.

This article is courtesy of Ez Texting, www.eztexting.com.

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