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Multipurpose Flooring in Churches
By: Kathi Latt

It is not a secret that the Fellowship Rooms in churches have become an ardently creative and self-expressional space, which - as much as any other - defines some of the core values of any of the spaces in our churches today. 

And there is always something going on. Its purpose is no longer limited to the regular celebration of worships or the Holy Mass as active and community-oriented values have received more importance during the last years. Banquets, bazars, markets and coffee meetings are nowadays a usual get-together of people of all ages.

To attract more of the younger peoples' attention and try to guide them on a good way, Fellowship Rooms are also used for various kinds of leisure time facilities. They also include indoor sports activities like soccer, basketball or all other kinds of sports games.

Those different multipurpose activities demand a multiplicity of characteristics of the flooring. Tables and chairs are built up and moved, people with different kinds of shoes walk over the floor, kids are playing sports and so much more.

The decision about the type of the floor to meet the needs and wants of a church should be made after due consideration of all aspects, which are not only limited to the demands mentioned above. Further and detailed arguments should be considered from the economic, environmental and aesthetical points of view.

The modern flooring market offers a plethora of products, manufacturing processes and installation methods, which make it even more difficult for customers to attain transparency and find the floor that meets their requirements best. 

Abacus Sports Installations has consulted to churches nationally for more than 20 years and has had the experience to install many different types of flooring systems for churches. 

The flooring that has proven long-lasting, resilient, cushioned, hygienic and sound absorbing all in once is a seamless flooring structure.  It is a multipurpose, pad and pour sandwich system that has been therefore recognized as a preferred product.

A rubber base-mat of made out of 100% post-consumer tire creates the basis of the flooring system. It ensures the resilience and shock-absorption characteristics of the floor and is available in different thicknesses and densities depending on your particular purpose. After installation of the base mat, urethane layers are poured step by step on top of the base mat.

The top coat defines the color final color of the floor. Twelve different colors are available and can be applied up to a three-color finish to represent the Fellowship Room as a unique place. Finally, game lines or custom made logos can be applied to add the finishing touch to the floor.

If there is multipurpose flooring available, more kids will be encouraged to come in and play and be drawn to the activities of the church therefore increasing your congregation. 

The resistant surface allows women to be active in the church wearing high heels without worry of injuring the floors. Each compression will alleviate leg strain while the divots will lift out of the floor. Your elderly congregation will be supported by an anti-slippery surface even in wet conditions and less injuries in the unlikely event of a fall due to the cushioned system. 

Keep your congregation safe.

This information is courtesy of Abacus Sports Installations, www.abacussports.com.

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