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Improving Your Sanctuary and Worship Experience

Martin Luther once said to a cobbler that the best way he could serve God was to ďmake a good shoe and sell it at a fair price.Ē The best church painters approach their calling in life much the same way. A church painter or furnisher who provides excellent work at a fair price realizes that his work is about much more than preserving and beautifying the wall of any old building.

Rather, the church painter who knows and loves his work knows that what he is doing is a service to the congregation, its ministers and Ė most importantly Ė to God.

Even modest houses of worship call for a fine touch by a craftsman who appreciates the sacredness of the church, and most churches require a level of detail that your average house painter couldnít provide even if he were inclined to.

There are many things that affect a personís worship experience, especially if they are visiting a church for the first time. Some of these things are obvious Ė the friendliness of the people, the quality of the music, the ministerís sermon. Others are less obvious unless thereís a problem Ė such as the overall appearance of the church.

Aesthetic beauty matters in the worship experience. Itís important to keep the House of the Lord as attractive as we can. When youíre looking for a church painter, look for someone who reveres the Lordís House and understands how important his part in it can be.

If your church features stained glass windows or artwork, itís especially important to work with church painters who understand how important it is to protect these valued pieces of art when working on church window frames, lest you find yourself facing the need to have stained glass repair.

The best church painters are those who also work with stained glass restoration and understand the care that must be taken when working around stained glass windows.

New Church Pews, Church Pew Cushions and Other Improvements Can Make a Big Difference for Any Church
When it comes to church furnishings, itís important that the church is beautiful, while still providing a comfortable place for worshippers. New pew cushions can go a long way towards both beautifying the sanctuary and keeping it comfortable, especially if the church used solid wood pews.

Adding church pew cushions or changing the pew upholstery is a cost-effective way to breathe a little fresh life into any sanctuary, without taking on the larger expense of actually refurnishing.

As with other aspects of the churchís aesthetics and furnishings, itís important to work with a company that understands that itís important to find the right furnishings to fit your church.

Tips for Updating Your Church
When it comes time to update your church, it can be difficult to decide where to focus your budget. Most churches choose to either focus on function or comfort when updating their church. Let's take a look at both.

If you want your congregation to spend more time at church, pay attention to sermons better, and have fewer interruptions during church, investing in comfort can help you achieve all these goals.

To increase the comfort level of your church, consider investing in:

* Informal seating such as couches, upholstered chairs, and accent tables
* Updated heating or air conditioning
* Energy rated windows
* Video screens in large sanctuaries for better viewing
* Bathroom amenities like hand lotion, large stalls, and an audio freed from the service in progress so nothing is missed while taking children for a diaper change or making a quick visit to the bathroom
* Comfortable breastfeeding space for mothers
* Special parking spaces for families with children with special needs, and expecting or new mothers
* Special assistance equipment and consideration for handicapped and elderly visitors like valet parking or assistance with doors
* Changing tables in men's rooms for fathers
* Meeting rooms with whiteboards, audio visual equipment, and comfortable seating
* Adjustable lighting for prayer services and solemn occasions

While investing in any area of your church is always a wise stewardship of funds, choosing which areas to focus on requires evaluating the needs and values of the current congregation along with the needs of the community and future church members.

It's important to also consider the priorities of your community as your future church leaders and church growth will come from this group of people.

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