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Lakepointe Church
By: Jennifer Walker-Journey

Lakepointe Church was founded in 1979 with 53 congregants and a goal of providing a friendly environment where members could gather for fellowship and worship. Today, Lakepointe consists of multiple campuses with more than 11,000 members throughout the Dallas, Texas, area, and beyond.

The main church was established in a large, existing church building in the flourishing Dallas suburb of Rockwall. The 4,500-seat worship center was large enough to accommodate its growing membership.

“So they just utilized the existing bones of the campuses for their purposes,” says Scott Hall with OMNIPLAN Architects in Dallas, and focused on building and planting churches in other areas.

When Lakepointe was ready to turn its attention to the Rockwall campus, church leadership chose OMNIPLAN because the firm had demonstrated a fresh, authentic approach with many of its previous church designs.

“It’s more about architectural expression. Creating community. That’s what appealed to (Rockwall leadership).” Hall says.

Since the building at Rockwell was large enough to accommodate membership, Hall suggested that a focused renovation could transform the existing worship center and pre-function area into the kind of “warm and inviting” space the church envisioned.

The worship center’s décor had grown outdated with 1980s style mauve, teal and purple carpeting and paint schemes. An update was sorely needed. Hall suggested a new stage flanked by stonewalls, “to warm up the space;” new theater seating with a variety of fabric colors to “energize the room;” and fresh carpet, wall treatments, and a new coat of paint to make the space “crisper and more contemporary.

“The over arching theme was completely modern and timeless, but not too trendy. You don’t want it to look dated in a few years,” Hall adds.

The creative expression continued into the pre-function areas of the church. Hall designed a large, open gathering area with a café, fireplace and plenty of seating.

The remodeled masterplan provides comfortable common area educational and social gathering options for Lakepointe’s ministries, by opening up existing classrooms and storage rooms to create a larger common area community space with café, fellowship room and more intimate seating nooks. Couches, comfy chairs, and high bar café tables could easily be moved for gatherings of almost any size.

“They weren’t giving up anything” by transforming the classroom and storage rooms into more flexible and inviting space, Hall says. “They just rethinking what that space could be. Instead of boxy classrooms, they would have niches here and there. Found opportunities.”

The concept, Hall says, is to make church more inviting so that people will want to spend more time on campus, saying, “It’s good for fellowship and community in church. And it also makes the church campus more relevant to the community."

He explains, “Some churches have an institutionalized feeling that is very prescribed and doesn’t feel like the experience it individuals need it to be. So churches are becoming more flexible by providing environments that are a lot more flexible.”

Many churches have adopted a “town center” design with big community lobbies that can be used for special functions, like carnivals and concerts, or outdoor rooms with water features or playgrounds where people can gather and connect with nature.

“You just have to think outside the box on how to use the space,” Hall says.

Lakepointe’s leadership embraced this new concept with open arms. Construction began and the entire building, including the worship space, was built without interrupting worship services. It took some logistical gymnastics, but Hall says it was accomplished by utilizing a well-organized, section-by-section renovation.

Because Lakepointe was so familiar with planting and building churches, they knew how to make quick decisions, stay on budget and work well with the professional building teams.

“They are really smart and savvy building owners, which is incredibly helpful,” Hall adds.

The renovation of Lakepointe Church was truly a transformation.

“You look at the before and after photos and it just doesn’t look like the same building,” Hall says. “That is the most satisfying part of working on this project.”

Since its founding in 1956, OMNIPLAN has been committed to creating engaging, innovative, and enduring architecture for its clients and community.Its commitment to excellence and integrity in every aspect of its practice has created a culture that has prospered for more than 56 years from the leadership of its founding partners through today’s principals and owners. Ninety-seven design awards, including five 25-year awards, are a testament to the quality and success of the firm’s work, www.omniplan.com.

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