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Oklahoma Assembly Of God State Youth Camp

Varco Pruden Buildings recently supplied a metal building system for the construction of a 23,000-square-foot worship center for the Oklahoma Assembly Of God State Youth Camp.

For Daniels & Daniels Construction, erecting a building means exceeding expectations. When the company was approached to design and construct a worship center to accommodate more than 1,000 people, the company rose to the challenge.

Located in the heart of Oklahoma, the facility opened last year – replacing the denomination's Turner Falls camp where hundreds of thousands of young people attended over the past half century.

Authorized Varco Pruden Builder Daniels & Daniels Construction needed to free-span the Worship Center without incurring the cost of conventional structural steel construction.

Using a building system rather than conventional alternative construction was a cost-effective approach.

Two interconnected items created construction challenges: the sheer size and spread of the project and the wetness of the winter and spring months. Transportation onsite became a huge challenge as the Oklahoma clay swallowed up fabric and rock. Transporting and installing almost 400 toilets under those conditions became problematic.

Water was brought to the site from the city of Chandler approximately 12 miles away, resulting in a huge underground concrete water reservoir. A water treatment facility was constructed and installed, as well as large septic ponds to treat waste water.

Oklahoma is prone to tornadoes during certain seasons. Originally, the large wooden, octagon-shaped roof supported by wooden columns and beams was designed for the concession stand. Contractors made the decision to change the structure to VP steel during the construction process, to ensure safety and stability during storms or inclement weather.

The new youth camp worship center features an inviting wrap-around porch with rough-sawn cedar veneers and stone arch entries to match the camp’s dining hall. A three-tiered gable entry roof and a 30’ cross tower add visual appeal and welcome worshippers. The “country style church” fits in well with the scenery via its green metal roof and beige metal wall panels. The worship center comfortably accommodates 1,000 campers, plus staff and adult volunteers.

The camp was constructed on a 410-acre parcel of land a few miles south of Chandler. The rolling acreage has woods, meadows and several ponds. It is located in the population center of the state, halfway between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, where many of the denomination's churches are located.

"We are about as dead center as you can get. That was important to us," said Frank Cargill, district superintendent of the Oklahoma District Council of the Assemblies of God.

The worship center, which uses Varco Pruden’s rigid framing system, architectural roof system and metal exterior wall system, was constructed by Daniels & Daniels Construction. The building was designed by Crafton, Tull & Associates, Inc. of Tulsa.

In addition to the Rigid Frame construction, Varco Pruden products used on this project also included Varco Pruden’s Cool Leaf Green SLR II roofing with KXL finish and Varco Pruden’s Classic Beige Panel Rib walls. RPR Panel, Varco Pruden’s reverse-rolled, Galvalume wall panel system was used, as well.

Daniels & Daniels Construction also provided site development, utility development and construction of other buildings for the new youth camp.

The property has a five-acre lake and a 20-acre lake, six RV camp sites and primitive camping. It also features a 5,000-square-foot log cabin for executive sleepovers.

The facility offers 16 modern cabins, each 6,000 square feet with four large bunk rooms surrounding a central commons area. Each cabin houses 64 campers and staff, and contains four separated bunk rooms with private restrooms/showers and a coach’s private bunk with a restroom/shower. The 23,000-square-foot dining hall can feed up to 1,000 campers. It includes four commercial buffet-style serving lines and a full commercial kitchen complete with 600-square-foot walk-in coolers and freezers.

The camp also includes a 5,000-square-foot concession stand with an octangular design, with serving counters positioned around the core and open seating around the perimeter.

All of the new buildings on the camp site are air-conditioned, which will be appreciated during summer months by the facility's campers as temperatures soar well above 100 degrees.

The camp has five outdoor basketball courts, five sand volleyball courts and five "high-five football" courts.

Its ponds offer fishing, swimming, paddle boats and the "blob" water feature, a large air-filled inflatable rubber tube floating on the water onto which campers can jump from a 20-foot tower.

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