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Podium Microphone Provide Spectacular Results

Perhaps the most important microphone in houses of worship is the podium microphone (or headset mic). If congregations cannot hear the spoken message, clearly and distinctly, it is a great loss.

Podium microphones in many churches do not reproduce the human voice with sufficient clarity; in addition, when orators speak at the sides, underneath or above the microphone, there is a dramatic loss of clarity and sound quality. These problems have plagued podium microphones ever since their beginning.

Franklin Denham, minister of music at Highland Baptist Church in Meridian, Mississippi, says, "Before we started using Earthworks podium microphones, there were typically problems in the congregation hearing the message clearly, especially when the orator spoke at the sides of the microphone they would be unintelligible. To correct this problem, a few years ago, we purchased an Earthworks FMR600 FlexMic podium microphone, which improved the clarity issue and speaking at the sides of the microphone was no longer a problem. No matter where the orator moved, every word could be heard clearly and distinctly. We loved this podium microphone."

When Denham first learned about the new Earthworks High Definition Podium Microphones, he first wondered how any podium mic could be better than the FMR600 he already had.

He said, "We heard that the new High Definition FlexMic podium mics were even better, so we put one to the test." Denham and the Highland sound staff did a blind A/B listening comparisons between their standard FMR600 (20kHz mic) and the new FMR600HD (40kHz mic), saying, "We were in the balcony near the soundboard and had an orator at the podium plug in one mic, read some text, then remove that mic and plug in the other and read the same text. No one listening knew anything about these two mics, nor what each one was, all they new was that one was (#1) and the other was (#2). After repeating this listening exercise three or four times, we asked everyone which mic sounded better. Every single person quickly responded, #2 (which was the new HD FlexMic)."

He continued, "We then used the new HD FlexMic for several worship services, and here is what we noticed: (1) there was an even greater clarity in the sound (almost like there were no microphone there at all), (2) the intelligibility was incredible, (3) the HD mic had an even further reach both on and off-axis. One Sunday, we had three people standing at the podium.  One was standing 4 feet in front the mic; the other two were on each side, about 6 feet from the mic. All three persons had the same pristine sound quality and were very clear and highly intelligible. On another Sunday, the minister was at the podium talking to the congregation. He then turned 180 degrees with his back to the podium, and walked 8 feet away from the podium toward the choir, and then spoke to the choir. Astonishingly, the congregation could very clearly hear every word he spoke to the choir. This was a stunning revelation regarding the intelligibility, reach and pristine sound quality of the new Earthworks High Definition FlexMic podium microphone."

Denham also said, "We immediately purchased the FMR600HD podium microphone and have been using it in our services ever since. The Earthworks High Definition microphones have made a substantial improvement in our worship services. We are very impressed with Earthworks microphones and use them for everything in our sanctuary except for wireless microphones, and we are planning a change to new wireless mics that incorporate the Earthworks WL40V HD mic capsules. We currently have 4 Flexwands on our choir and two more on our youth choir, a PianoMic and use 16 SR30s on our singing Christmas tree performance every December."

He concluded by saying, "We have found the Earthworks people wonderful to work with. I consistently recommend Earthworks High Definition microphones to other music ministers and churches throughout the state, and tell them how much Earthworks High Definition microphones can improve the quality of their worship services."



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