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Mobile Around the World
By: Matt Morris

One of my team members recently went on a mission trip to Nepal. As an avid backpacker, he was super excited about hiking on what many consider the best trip any backpacker can endeavor. That wasn’t his main reason for going, of course. He was there to spread the gospel, first and foremost.

Upon his return, I met with him in our weekly one-on-one. Most of the things he told me about his trip opened my eyes. For example, there were huts for trekkers on routes going up the Himalayas that had no running water but did have Wi-Fi. There were concrete-block houses that had bathrooms with “squatty potties” yet still had Wi-Fi. He also told me that many people there couldn’t afford computers but had smartphones. Does that open your eyes as much as it does mine?

In the world of technology, we know things are always changing. According to eMarketer.com, the number of people globally on smartphones surpassed the one billion mark in 2012. By the end of 2014, they anticipated 1.75 billion people will have a smartphone, and by 2017, that number is expected to be 2.5 billion.

Now more than ever, the church can make its presence known on the mobile platform. It is so easy to “build” a mobile app today. I use the term “build” very loosely because there are companies that have already built the framework for you. All you have to do is populate your content. Please allow me to share a few reasons why I think you should consider a mobile app.

* It brings all of your content into one channel.
* It allows you to connect with people you never even considered connecting with.
* It affords you the opportunity to share your sermons with people across the globe.
* People can follow the life of your church through photos.
* People can register for events through the app.
* People can give through the app.
* You can publish your blog in the app.
* It’s a place for people to get information about your church.
* You can use it missionally.
* It’s more affordable now than ever.
* It’s easy to update.
* People who would never step foot in your church may download your app.

Think back to the folks in Nepal who don’t have running water but have Wi-Fi or a smartphone. Most of them are Hindu. They have many “gods.” But did you know they actually pray to Jesus? Many of them have converted to Christianity because when they pray to Jesus, their prayers are answered. Obviously when they pray to the other gods, their prayers go unanswered.

How awesome would it be to be able to come alongside a church planter in Nepal by providing church plants with trustworthy, Bible-based sermons and content from a mobile app your church developed. How many more lives would be won for Christ if we just spent a couple hundred bucks to make that happen?

Not only do you have a chance to serve your congregation and community, but with mobile adoption being so widespread, you have a chance to serve literally millions of people across the globe.

Matt Morris leads Digital Strategy and Electronic Publishing for LifeWay Christian Resources, www.lifeway.com.

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