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5 Steps to Improve Your Church’s Twitter Profile
By: Darrel Girardier

Setting up your Twitter account is more than just getting the username right. There are a significant number of actions that need to take place to make sure your Twitter profile properly represents your church.

Improving your church's Twitter profile can be tackled successfully if you just divide it into clear steps.

Adhere to these five simple steps to successfully improve your church's Twitter profile:

Step 1: Double-Check Whom You're Following

This will be of crucial importance because a lot of churches just follow anyone who follows their account on Twitter. You'll need to think through this because often whom you follow can be a reflection on your church.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Profile Info Is Complete

Nothing says your church doesn't care like an incomplete Twitter profile. However, this is easy to rectify.

First, ensure that you've filled out the description section and website URL.

Second, make sure that you don't just link to your website but that you also link to a section of your church website that will be most helpful to first-time visitors. You will need to do this is to make sure that your Twitter profile is visitor friendly.

Step 3: Use the Right Image Size for Tweets

You do this so you can make sure that your images will be properly viewed as people are scrolling through your profile. Another reason for this is to make sure that your images are viewable on mobile devices as well.

Step 4: Make Sure Your Branding Is Correct

To break this down into more detail, go to the settings section of your Twitter profile. Once there, you'll have the opportunity to change text colors, background photos and header images. You'll want to make sure that that these images and colors are on target with your church brand.

Step 5: Unlink Your Facebook Page

Finally, a lot churches cross-post their content to both Facebook and Twitter. While that makes sense from an ease-of-use standpoint, it can cause a lot of problems.

First, Facebook and Twitter treat content differently, so there's a good chance that your Facebook post will not be seen by your audience.

Second, you can forget that the two accounts are linked and end up double-posting content.

In the end, when you comply with these steps carefully, you should see an improved response to Twitter profile.

Darrel Girardier is the digital strategy director for Brentwood Baptist Church. He currently oversees the team that handles social media, web and mobile presence for the church. Previously, Darrel was a creative director at LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, Tennessee, where he served for 12 years, www.lifeway.com.

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