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Tips for Increased Projector Lamp Life

1. Handle the projector lamp with gloves. Oils and deposits from hands and fingers can cause hot spots on face of the projector lamp, which may result in premature lamp failure.

2. Operate your projector in a clean, cool, and well-ventilated area. A dust-free environment would be ideal.

3. Keep the projector air filters and air vents clean. Clogged filters/vents will not remove heat effectively. This can cause the projector to overheat with an early lamp failure.

4. Do not place anything on top of the projector or in front of the intake or exhaust vents. This will cause the projector lamp to overheat and fail. Refer to your manual for safe placement of the projector and the accessories.

5. If the projector is built into a compartment, wall, ceiling, or shelf mount, the minimum distance requirement (which is usually at least 2 feet) listed in the owner’s manual should be maintained.

6. When you replace the projector lamp, make sure the new housing is seated completely and securely. Pay attention to the old lamp. Re-install and remove the old lamp a few times to get familiar with the fitment. Then when you install the new lamp you can seat it firmly but without too much pressure. Use the screws to tighten the lamp into its final position.

7. Hot projector lamps are fragile. Do not move or shake the projector until the projector lamp has completely cooled. Shock and vibration applied to hot projector lamps may cause the projector lamp to break or shorten its effective lifespan.

8. Do not unplug the projector until the lamp has properly cooled. After the projector has been shut off, the fan will remain on for a period. This is required for proper cooling of the lamp.  If the lamp is not cooled properly, it will cause the life of the lamp to be shortened drastically.

9. Do not turn the projector on and off frequently during presentations. Each time the projector is switched on, the inrush of power causes stress on the projector lamp as does the thermal cycles (heating cooling). Try to minimize your on/off cycles by not frequently turning on and off. If you are not using the unit for less than 30 minutes, use a screen saver or video mute option that some models offer.

10. Wait until the fans stop running before attempting to turn a projector back on after use. Forcing the projector lamp to start before it is adequately cool will cause a thermal and electrical shock to the bulb, causing the life to be shortened.

It is recommended that you have your projector serviced and maintained approximately every 2 years. Ideally, have the projector cleaned for dust buildup seasonally. Insist on high-quality projector lamps with the original manufacturer’s bulb inside. 
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