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Hemisphere Coffee Roasters

Hemisphere Coffee Roasters
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Fresh roasted coffee that benefits coffee growing communities. Hemisphere Coffee Roasters is passionate about the two natures of coffee: Place and People.

Place: Coffee is a product of its environment. It’s altitude on the mountain, the soil conditions, annual weather patterns, and variety of plant all effect the quality and unique flavor profile of the bean.

People: Every bean is handpicked by real, live, breathing people; people who have hopes, fears and dreams. Twenty-five million families derive their major living from the production of coffee, and they are dedicated to helping as many as they can. Their business model is not through hand-outs, but a hand-UP, through direct-trade relationships. This enables thriving communities; Good coffee doing good!


275 E. Sandusky St. Mechanicsburg, OH 43044 937-834-3230
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