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Installing a Playground and Picnic Shelter Can Help Your Church Grow

April 8, 2021 jill Blog
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If your church is ready to grow, you should give some serious thought to having both a playground and a covered shelter installed. Not only would these amenities be good for your church to use and enjoy on their own merits, but they could also help your church to be more relevant and engaging in its efforts to reach out to families in your community.

Why You NEED a Church Playground

Churches are often seen as pillars of the community and can be points of pride in many respects. No doubt you want your church to be seen as a friendly place where families can come to worship, learn, engage with each other, and also have some space to be able to take a break from their hectic lives. Adding a playground will provide benefits for the children of your church and can also help attract new families to your congregation and enhance your image in the community.

The Value of Outdoor Play

Study after study demonstrates the positive benefits of giving children opportunities for outdoor play. It gets kids away from their screens, allows for some fresh air and sunshine, promotes the development of important motor skills, and just lets kids have some fun! Who says church can’t be fun?

Help Develop Friendships & Social Skills

Church playgrounds are great places for kids to make new friends and opportunities for children to develop important social skills. Playgrounds can help teach the importance of teamwork, empathy, and patience. Learning the ability to interact with others in healthy ways is a skill that will serve children well for the rest of their lives!

Attract Young Families

The ability to attract young families is a challenge that most every church in America faces to some degree. If your church is serious about attracting families with children, then installing a new playground that is colorful, inviting, and inclusive is really a fantastic first step. Plus, if your church is interested in developing its own daycare or preschool, then having your own playground isn’t just optional – it’s essential!

Send the Right Message

A playground is an inviting feature to have on your church property, and the right playground can really add some nice curb appeal. It sends a positive message about your church to the whole community, and lets folks know that you really do care about children. It also lets people know how much your church values the importance of recreation, fun, and fellowship.

You Really Need a Picnic Shelter, Too

Playgrounds are great facilities to have for children, but it’s also nice to have a place for adults to gather outside, too. Here are a few reasons you should consider adding a covered shelter to your church property, as well.

Playground Supervision

If you place a covered shelter in close proximity to your church playground, your parents, Sunday School teachers, and children’s ministry leaders will have a shaded place to sit while they monitor children using the playground. This is one very practical reason to consider installing a playground and covered shelter together.

Church Picnics

There’s a reason that so many churches have a picnic shelter behind their building. Churchgoers love to eat together in an outdoor setting regardless if the weather is sunny or stormy – in all situations, you’re covered!

Outdoor Events

Of course, you can use your picnic shelter for more than just eating. Take out the picnic tables, and you have a good-sized covered space for bible study, potlucks, weddings and other church fellowship events. Covered shelters also make nice facilities for staging outdoor worship events, as well.

Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to hold your Sunday School class, youth group session, or church committee meeting outside. It can be refreshing to get outside of the four walls of the building and give your small group gathering a different perspective!

This information is courtesy of Carolina Recreation & Design, a full-service provider of commercial recreational products, outdoor shelters, and amenities for businesses and nonprofits alike,