Five Tips to Ensure a Perfect Pilgrimage

  Traveling is educational, exciting and fun. Thanks to modern technologies, it has never been easier to explore the world. According to the United Nation’s World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), 1.5 billion international tourist arrivals were recorded in 2019. Every trip abroad is unique and memorable in its own way; however, for a devout Christian, nothing

Running an Annual Planning Retreat for Your Church

Most churches have meetings and retreats. And if the people attending those meetings and retreats were honest, they would say they were not as effective as they should be. In fact, you might even hear the phrase “waste of time” tossed around. No matter how well your church is organized, getting the right people together

3 Reasons to Do Short-Term Missions

There seems to be no shortage of folks who are eager to point out the possible pitfalls of mission trips. For starters, any ministry has possible pitfalls. However, just because there are possible pitfalls that come with the territory of engaging a particular ministry does not mean that we should avoid that type of ministry

5 Ways to Prepare Participants for Your Church Retreat

By Erin Culleny A church retreat is the perfect way to bring your congregation together in a new environment that allows for stronger bonds and growth. The destination and activities your group selects are just as important as the preparations. If church members have a general idea of what to expect, what they will need

Raising Money to Buy New Transportation

By Dick Raddatz So, you want a new church bus but don’t have the money to pay for it? No problem! Raising thousands of dollars is never easy, but it can be done efficiently if you follow four steps to success. 1. Organize, Organize, Organize! An active and motivated fundraising committee is critical to your

Austria: An Amazing Journey from Salzburg to Vienna

By Jonathan Panella & Kristen Gilbert It’s time to get ready. The year 2020 may seem like it’s a long time away, but the tiny Bavarian hamlet of Oberammergau is already preparing for their world-famous Passion Play. Travelers often secure their seats at the Passion Play far in advance since this is an event that

Church Trips Are Big Bus Business

By Tracey Buswell Simmons Bus trips are big business for many worship facilities. Some offer bus trips to attend special religious events, for youth camp trips, retreats and other weekend trips, and shuttles to airports or ship ports. Chartering a tour bus is one of the most popular and reliable modes of group transportation available

Be Purposeful in Your Youth Mission Trip

By Doug Franklin We dream of trips that are intentional and lead to lasting change in the lives of our students. However, to make a trip purposeful, we have to hammer out more than the logistics. We have to design a trip experience that will challenge and stretch our students to grow as both disciples

"Re-Thinking" Mission Trips

By Teresa Kelly Many challenges face groups that want to undertake a mission trip. The need for passports and visas, dealing with logistics in an unfamiliar country, and planning activities while respecting the nuances of specific cultures can overwhelm even the best of intentions. While the need for foreign missions is immense and the experiences
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