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Buying Insurance for a Mission Trip

  A cell phone network that works great at home may not offer the kind of coverage you’re used to when you travel. In the same way, insurance that meets your needs in your hometown may not fit the bill when you are on the road or across the ocean. For this reason, most mission

4 Things to Be Doing Before Your Next Mission Trip

  By Zac Condie Preparing your group for a mission trip requires significant planning and attention to detail. From fundraising to airfare to packing lists, there are a lot of boxes that must be checked off before you can mobilize your team to serve in a different context. It’s easy to get so caught up

5 Ways a Youth Mission Trip Can Change Your Ministry

We love youth ministry…it’s why we lead mission trips for teens each summer.  We know youth workers face so many obstacles when it comes to discipling their students well, from budgets, to lack of volunteers, to the high expectations placed on students to perform. While we can’t solve all these problems, we know that spending

More Than a Mission Trip

By Katie Jones A group of travelers, tan and tired, pile out of the church van. They had an amazing time. They never imagined that such poverty could exist. They have never felt so close to Jesus. Then, all too quickly, the feelings fade, old rhythms return, and life settles back to normal. It’s a

3 Reasons to Do Short-Term Missions

There seems to be no shortage of folks who are eager to point out the possible pitfalls of mission trips. For starters, any ministry has possible pitfalls. However, just because there are possible pitfalls that come with the territory of engaging a particular ministry does not mean that we should avoid that type of ministry

How Church Groups Can Best Use Charter Bus Rentals

Charter bus rentals are one of the best ways for church groups to travel. A motor coach or mini bus can help your whole group arrive on time and at the same time to a variety of church events and functions. For many churches, group gatherings and travel are a vital part of their ministries

Be Purposeful in Your Youth Mission Trip

By Doug Franklin We dream of trips that are intentional and lead to lasting change in the lives of our students. However, to make a trip purposeful, we have to hammer out more than the logistics. We have to design a trip experience that will challenge and stretch our students to grow as both disciples

"Re-Thinking" Mission Trips

By Teresa Kelly Many challenges face groups that want to undertake a mission trip. The need for passports and visas, dealing with logistics in an unfamiliar country, and planning activities while respecting the nuances of specific cultures can overwhelm even the best of intentions. While the need for foreign missions is immense and the experiences
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