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Adult Recreation: Indoor Sports Flooring Options

January 1, 2018 jill Blog
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There are numerous options for indoor sports flooring, with the most popular being modular athletic flooring, wood, and rolled sheet goods.

While wood flooring is noted as top of the line, it does come with hefty installation, maintenance, and temperature controlled facilities, not to mention the need to strip and restore annually.

Modular flooring is a great, more economical option. Modular surfaces are durable, require very little maintenance, and do not require costly humidity/HVAC control systems.

Technology in modular athletic flooring has also come a long way; most modular floors offer the look and feel of a real wood floor.

Synthetic surfaces are also a less expensive alternative to wood but do not typically offer the same durability as a wood or modular floor.

Maintenance requirements to consider would include daily upkeep, weekly upkeep, and any annual refurbishments or cleanings. Both modular and wood surfaces can be swept and cleaned weekly with an autoscrubber.

Modular surfaces require no annual coatings or restoration in contrast to wood floors, which require both.

Maintenance repairs are also something to consider – modular floors allow for single tiles anywhere in the floor to be replaced in case of damage whereas wood and synthetic flooring are a bit more laborious and may require replacing entire sections. Modular and synthetic floors are resistant to water and liquids, as well.

Facility owners will want to consider several aspects prior to purchase of indoor sports flooring.

First, what surface will be suitable for your facility needs? Will only athletic activity take place on the court or will it be used for meetings or other events, requiring a more durable option?

Which sports will need to be played on your court? Modular and wood floors offer multi-game options, making for easy conversions between sports.

Initial investment, offered product warranty, and weekly, and annual maintenance costs will also need to be taken into consideration.

Indoor sports flooring and fitness surfaces are all trending toward being multi-use surfaces. Facilities are looking for a versatile product that can be used for basketball, volleyball, yoga, indoor cycling, and more.

The more activities that can take place on one floor the better the ROI. There is also a trend for customization of indoor sports surfaces using custom color options, logos, etc.

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