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Alongside Chooses ProGym Plan by Mateflex for New Gym Floor

January 1, 2018 jill Blog
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Alongside Inc. – a counseling retreat ministry based in Richland, Michigan – provides renewal and growth programs for pastors and missionaries in need of such services. They offer a beautiful campus for clients to enjoy while on site. Always looking to better their programs, an expansion took place over the summer, as they decided to design and build a gym to cater to those in their youth program, which would allow for a safe place for all to enjoy.

In designing the new addition to their facility, it was decided that radiant heat flooring was the best solution to fit their needs, which would impact what type of flooring they could use in the gym. They wanted to find a flooring solution that would give them the look and feel of a real hardwood floor, but would also be compatible with their radiant heating system, which posed a real challenge. They were also looking for a solution that would be affordable and long-lasting.

In looking for the perfect surface for their facility, they researched several sport flooring options. This led them down the path of modular sport flooring tiles. Modular tile surfaces are great in that they are an affordable option and can be installed in many locations where traditional flooring products cannot. An added bonus of a modular tile system is that repairs are simple should damage occur. Any tile in any area of the surface can be replaced with ease because of the positive locking system used. There are a number of companies that offer such a solution with a hardwood looking tile, but none look and feel as realistic as ProGym Plank by Mateflex.

It is the only modular flooring tile in the shape of a wooden plank. It is a 4”x36” tile that has a plastic base with raised rims surrounding and protecting a real wood look vinyl tile with a heavy duty wear layer. The design of the tile allows for a softer feel, making it more comfortable for the players. The tiles are impervious to moisture and are not be impacted by the unique heating system; in fact, the vinyl tiles will actually help the heating system be more effective by retaining heat for longer periods of time than other flooring products.

Once the decision was made, Alongside ordered their material directly from Mateflex long before their floor was needed. Though there were several construction delays, Mateflex was ready and available to install as soon as the gym was ready. It is always best to ensure the sport surface is the last trade in the building to minimize any chance of damage to the new flooring surface.

Once the building was ready for the flooring installation, Mateflex supervisors arrived and worked alongside volunteers from the facility to ensure the surface was installed properly, while helping to keep the costs down for the customer. After the flooring was installed, the supervisors painted the desired game lines on the surface. In a matter of less than a week, the floor was installed and the game lines were painted. Once the paint is applied, there should be no foot traffic on the surface for 3-5 days to allow for the game lines to cure properly.

The end result was a beautiful gym floor for all to enjoy, finishing off a picture-perfect facility. The surface truly looks and feels like a real hardwood floor, installed in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to install wood. The floor has game lines for basketball, volleyball and pickleball, making it an ultimate multi-purpose flooring solution. Best of all, the floor is backed by an industry-leading, 15-year limited warranty.

Mateflex offers professional-grade modular flooring for sports facilities and installs nationwide. From the nation’s best college sports programs to the highest-volume gyms to the busiest community activity centers, leading sports facilities choose Mateflex for their unmatched performance, durability, and service,

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