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Why Global Travel Ministries Enrich Faith and Strengthen Communities

  For faith communities, the worship center or church building serves as a sacred space, but the message within extends far beyond its walls. Travel ministries can bridge this gap, offering transformative experiences that nourish faith, foster connections, and empower individuals to serve. Here’s why incorporating a travel ministry into your ministry can be incredibly

5 Steps to Recruiting Long-Term Kids Ministry Volunteers

  Recruiting kids ministry volunteers is one of the most important ways you can invest in your church community. The volunteers plant the seed for a safe, loving community that grows for years to come. Your kids ministry volunteers disciple the youngest and most impressionable members of your church. These relationships require time and devotion.

Enhancing Church Spaces for Humanitarian Efforts with Modular Walls

  By Jonathan Thomas Churches have long been locations of sanctuary and support in their communities. Recently, they’ve begun to adopt more versatile solutions to expand their roles, especially in providing emergency housing and aid during disasters. Enter the world of temporary modular walls – a groundbreaking solution that’s reshaping how churches offer humanitarian assistance.

Are You Ready for a Lighting Upgrade?

  By Arlie Conner There are many churches, auditoriums and meeting rooms built in the last century that are overdue for a lighting system upgrade. The era of incandescent (tungsten-halogen) dominance is at an end, as LED light sources have proven reliable and affordable and offer multiple advantages. If your incandescent fixtures look okay, but

Optimizing Your Church Presentation for Visitors

  By Brandon Hadley Seeing your church through the eyes of a first-time visitor is an important discipline. It enables you to ask valuable questions like: Does this make sense to someone new? Does this practice serve attendees at the expense of visitors? How can this element be improved in order to make them feel

Heavenly Results for Church Live Streaming Upgrade

  When Christ Church of Short Hills, New Jersey, was looking to upgrade its streaming capabilities, to deliver quality live streaming and recorded broadcasts, it enlisted the services of JD Sound & Video. JD Sound and Video provides state-of-the-art sound, video and control solutions for houses of worship, schools, theaters, corporate, government and municipal clients.

Enhancing Church Security with Advanced Network Solutions

  By Patrick Chown Recently, the need for enhanced security measures in churches has become increasingly apparent. With the rise in incidents affecting places of worship around the world, it’s clear that these sacred spaces are not immune to security threats. Churches are now recognizing the importance of proactive measures to protect their congregations, staff,

Ready for Better Communication at Church?

  By Margaret Marcuson Historically, churches have always struggled with communication. Whether it’s trying to let people know about new programs, or recruiting coordinating volunteers, or communicating the vision—we face a long list of communication challenges. Pastors I coach say, “We need a communications committee that works,” or “We’ve got to get someone on staff

First United Methodist Church of Sealy

  FUMC Sealy, Texas, was established in 1939 with the mergers of several churches. The current sanctuary was constructed in 1956. In large measure, it had not changed much until its 2018 renovation. The building and interior of the sanctuary was still in use but experiencing many repercussions of aging, including roof leaks, mold, and

Navigating the Sunday School Curriculum Sea

  By Dianna Wiebe In the tapestry of a church community, Sunday School stands out as a colorful thread, weaving together faith, fellowship, and biblical teachings. Choosing the right Sunday School curriculum is a major decision for church leaders, Sunday School teachers, and Children’s Ministers alike. Let’s look at some practical tips to navigate the
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