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10 Tips to Make Your Church Media Ministry More Effective

  By Agustin Cruz The goals of a church media ministry are to effectively communicate the church’s message to its members and the community, provide a visual and auditory experience that enhances the worship service, and create an environment that is welcoming and conducive to learning. The objectives of a church media ministry are to

7 Ways to Empower and Encourage Youth Before a Youth Mission Trip

  Beyond the details of planning for a youth service trip is one of its most essential elements: building enthusiasm. A youth mission trip may be one of the most positive and memorable experiences a young adult encounters. We need the youthful gifts of passion and creativity to align the church in the mission of

How to Keep Your Church Clean

  Keeping your church clean is vital to your church congregation. You want to provide a safe and healthy experience for your parishioners and guests, so having a regular cleaning schedule and plan to tackle all the cleaning projects will help provide a continuously clean church for everyone. Just like with an office space or

8 Terms Every Live Streaming Church Should Know

  New to live streaming? You’re not alone, and there’s a big learning curve. And while there are so many aspects of this we could talk about, most of the big mistakes churches are making come down to basic videography. But if you learn these eight terms commonly thrown around by video makers, you’re certain

10 Tips for Serving at VBS This Summer

  Vacation Bible School is fun, exhilarating, and crazy all at the same time. Your church has spent weeks, if not months, preparing. And why? Because you’ll have the opportunity to impact the lives of kids and their families for eternity. No matter your area of responsibility during VBS, your job is important to the

9 Ways to Use Church Partitions to Transform Your Church

  With low budgets, it’s hard to justify expensive purchases. And with important community and missionary work to do, spending tens of thousand dollars just to upgrade the aesthetics of the space seems unnecessary. But modular church partitions are built for multi-functional use, meaning you can use them in main halls, prayer rooms, Sunday schools,

NorthPark Presbyterian Church Live Streams to a Global Audience

  Blackmagic Design recently announced that NorthPark Presbyterian Church, the first Presbyterian church and the second ever house of worship built in Dallas, Texas, is using ATEM SDI Extreme ISO live production switcher to expand its digital presence by live streaming its worship services to attendees across the United States, Canada, South America, Asia and

A Better Approach to Your Church Promotions

  By Don Wambolt Life change happens through the many events, activities, and ministries your church generates. And in event promotion, they often take either a “decentralized” or “centralized” approach. Let’s look at each, and then I’ll share thoughts on which is better. Decentralized Approach The decentralized approach is typical. This is where each ministry

Protecting Your Church with a Security System

  When properly implemented, a church security system helps protect a church’s property, congregation and guests. Protecting your house of worship takes more than simply putting up a couple of security cameras. There are various components to security that will allow your church to protect itself. Surveillance Cameras Security cameras are not only great for

Installing a Steeple on Your New Building

  By Robert B. Conklin I’m currently working on a new meetinghouse for a house of worship client. The project began with the demolition of an existing home, pole barn, and other ancillary structures. Our process includes sensitivity to keeping as much construction debris out of the landfills as possible. This philosophy was accomplished on
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